Nordic Peoples Love their Pork and With a Collar Recipe From HKScan, You Will Too!


Pork is one of the most popular meats in the world for its versatility in the kitchen, mild yet sweet taste, and low fat content compared to beef. There are many different cuts of pork that come from different regions of the pig and each type of cut has its own special characteristics. Collar happens to be a favorite cut in Nordic countries for its tenderness and moistness when cooked. HKScan is proud to offer omega-3 pork collar and suggest some traditional methods of preparation!


Collar is cut from the top, front part of the pig, just behind the neck. It is known for its many different service options and high fat content which makes the collar perfect for cooking under high heat. There are so many ways to prepare omega-3 pork collar, steal one of these or try your own!

HKScan’s Nordic Omega-3 Pork Collar Prep Ideas:


  1. Cut thick slices of omega-3 pork collar and pan fry them to perfection
  2. Slice thin or dice into small cubes and add to fried rice or noodles in a wok
  3. Add bite-sized chunks of pork collar to a pot and build a thick stew
  4. Fire up the grill and barbeque portioned pork collar steak for a smoky flavor
  5. Slow cook a whole pork collar in the oven or in a Crock Pot and then shred into pulled pork

In Scandinavia, pork collar is considered a traditional dish and it is usually roasted on the bone in a pan containing apples and prunes to give the pork an added fruitiness. Once the pork reaches an internal temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, the pork is sliced and served with potatoes and gravy or cream sauce.

HKScan makes the finest pork around and Flodins omega-3 pork collar is no exception. It is no wonder that pork is so popular around the world, the meat tastes great no matter how it is cooked. Try omega-3 pork collar for yourself and find out why the Nordic people love it so much!


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