Celebrate Mother’s Day this year with our Special Gift Guides from Bamboa Hong Kong, A Day with Fe, Chef’s Choice Hong Kong, Le Luxury and Gourmet Skin Bar Hong Kong


Eat your heart out at Chef’s Choice Discovery Bay This Mother’s Day


More than just a meat shop, Chef’s Choice is a unique store as it offers not only premium quality meat, but also quick snacks to be taken on the go. Our onsite chefs can guide you as you buy meat to suit your needs.


Fact: Moms are selfless beings who would never demand or request a specific gift on her special day, but it’s that same generous love that makes all children want to treat their moms to something nice for Mother’s Day. Right?!


Chef’s Choice always aimed at being more than just a meat shop – We’ve been working to promote and add deli items and menu items to our list. Chef’s Choice at Discovery Bay North plaza is finally one step forward to that commitment. Our chefs worked tirelessly and managed to add more items to the the classic menu of Sandwich and Tapas, including Cheese & Charcuterie Platters, Sausage Platters, Crispy Pork Belly, Meatballs, Salads or Parma ham. Our onsite chefs serve fresh meals to the customers, who can enjoy it in the outdoor area overlooking other attractions at Discovery Bay. Chef’s Choice added an outdoor dining area at this outlet so that customers can enjoy healthy meals with their peers in a cool, breezy environment. Customers can also indulge from the exquisite wines we have on display, and also buy other deli items such as frozen food and sauces made from 100% authentic vegetables and herbs.


Buy your favourite Disney Characters at Le Luxury

Le Luxury is an online store where you can find the perfect gift for any occasion. We take pride in housing the finest crystals figurines and keychains, which can be gifted to people belonging to any age group.

Disney movies and cartoons are a legacy passed from one generation to another. The newest movies and cartoons are a reminder of our childhood, and are adored by children everywhere. Their 2014 release ‘Frozen’ was the talk of the town for its storyline, songs and a variety of additional characters. Among them, the one most favoured by children was Elsa or Olaf. If you have a child who adores Elsa, you can gift her this crystal Elsa figurine by Swarovski. Available exclusively at Le Luxury, Swarovski is a world-renowned brand dealing with crystal jewelry, watches and other luxury items. This Elsa figurine is immaculately cut and the crystal is coloured in the exact shade of her dress. The gift comes in its customised box, and is a beautiful item to gift to a niece or your child.



The Orientale Wrap From A Day With Fe Is the Perfect Evening Cover-Up!

Way back in the 1920’s, Coco Chanel designed a dress that was meant for the masses. It was a simple, solid black dress with a tasteful yet comfortable cut that made it suitable for everyday wear or dressing up. Since then, Coco’s little black dress, or LBD, has become a ubiquitous fashion item in the closets of women everywhere. Now, A Day With Fe offers a new, item that is just as durable and versatile as a little black dress, our Orientale Wrap.

Yoga clothing has exploded over the past decade and it seems like every brand offers a pair of pants and tops meant specifically for yogis. A Day With Fe is, at its simplest, a yoga-inspired clothing brand but we believe we are so much more than that. One of the things that sets A Day With Fe apart is the quality and craftsmanship of our fashionable clothing.

Some pieces of clothing seem to have universal appeal because of their simple elegance, durability, and versatility. The Orientale Wrap from A Day With Fe is one of those garments. It is a slim fitting, lightweight top that makes a perfect layering piece for cold days and an excellent long sleeve workout shirt.

Award-Winning Cowshed Products Have Just Arrived At Gourmet Skin Bar Hong Kong!

Babington House is a historic hotel in England just a few kilometers drive from famous Bath, England. The Babington House is renowned for its 18th-century style rooms, grand library, cricket pitch and fine dining restaurant but Babington contains another world class amenity in the Cowshed spa. SInce its founding, the Cowshed has become famous for its luxurious in-house treatments and now Gourmet Skin Bar is bringing the pleasures of England to Hong Kong with the complete line up of Cowshed beauty products.


Founded at Babington House in 1998, Cowshed started as a small beauty brand with a big mission. They wanted to create amazingly fresh products, identical to those they craft for their spa, and ship them to customers around the world. Somehow, someway, Cowshed has managed to grow into a large brand that still clings to its country roots and Gourmet Skin Bar is proud to be the only beauty shop in Hong Kong to carry Cowshed products.


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