Want Free Roaming & Internet Access Anywhere You Go? Get GlocalMe G2



Technology is constantly being revised by inventors and scientists all around the world who are trying to make human life easier. But, how often does something new come along that is the first of its kind ever invented? Not very often. That’s why the GlocalMe G2 is such an exciting invention for travelers, businessmen and those who want to remain in contact with their friends around the world.


The GlocalMe G2 is the world’s first 4G global mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that features free roaming, a smart user interface (UI) and provides worldwide sim-free internet access. That may sound like a lot and it is, the GlocalMe G2 does many things, but it is still amazingly simple to use. This all may sound too good to be true, but that is only because a device like the GlocalMe G2 has never been seen before.


Imagine a device, about the size of a cellphone, that can revolutionize the way you travel once and for all. It can eliminate roaming charges that are incurred while away from your home country, will track your data usage on a mobile app, will only charge you for the data you use, can provide WiFi for up to 5 devices and, to top it all off, acts like a power reservoir for your mobile phone. Conveniently, you don’t have to imagine the device because it exists and it’s called the GlocalMe G2.


New things don’t come around that often in our world so when something does, it is worth taking a look at. The GlocalMe is the first device of its kind and that is why it is so impressive. Give yourself the gift of the world’s first, give yourself the gift of the GlocalMe G2.


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