Enjoy Flodins Food On Finnair Flights in Jaakko Sorsa’s Signature Dishes

May 12, 2016


Finnair is the largest airline in Finland, transporting millions of passengers to hundreds of destinations around the world every year. With such a reputation, Finnair has a lot of responsibility to promote the wonders of the Finnish culture. As part of their efforts to make Finnair flights comfortable and to share Finnish cuisine with their passengers, Finnair has begun serving signature dishes from Chef Jaakko Sorsa, some of which feature Flodins omega-3 pork.


The international route from Hong Kong to Helsinki is a well travelled corridor for business travelers between Europe and Asia. In a press release from early 2016, the Head of In-Flight Service for Finnair, Maarit Keränen, said, “Even if the majority of our customers flying from Hong Kong are connecting to Finnair’s broad network of around 70 destinations in Europe, they can enjoy a taste of Finland on board.” This new menu will be curated by Hong Kong-based chef Jaakko Sorsa and will include dishes made with Flodins omega-3 pork from HKScan.

2Jaakko Sorsa is the executive chef of the only Nordic restaurant in Hong Kong, FINDS. He is known for blending traditional Finnish cooking techniques with the best Nordic ingredients to create authentic Finnish dishes. For the Finnair business class program, Sorsa has created a menu that features smoked salmon, porcini mushroom soup, roasted root vegetables, lingonberry jam, and Flodins  omega-3 pork meatballs and many more stunning dishes.


Flying from Hong Kong to Helsinki will never be the same for Finnair business class passengers. Jaakko Sorsa’s traditional Finnish menu will blow your tastebuds away at 30,000 feet. Finnair wants to be the best airline it can be, which is why they serve the best Nordic pork they can find: Flodins  omega-3 pork from HKScan. Be sure to bring an appetite onboard!


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Visit These Amazing Campsites This Summer And Remember Your GlocalMe G2!

May 12, 2016


There’s no better time to take to nature for an extended period of rest and relaxation than during the warm summer months. In honor of our love of camping during the summer, Travel and Leisure magazine has identified “12 Once-In-A-Lifetime Camping Sites.” The locations range from the American Rockies, to Northern Africa, the Andes, and even Japan! Take a look at what mother nature has to offer this summer but don’t forget to pack a GlocalMe G2 so you can stay connected with civilization from wherever your adventure takes you.

The World’s Best Camping Sites:


  1. Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
  2. Canyonlands, Bryce, and Zion, Utah, USA
  3. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii, USA
  4. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA
  5. Laugavegur, Iceland
  6. Miyajima, Japan
  7. High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
  8. Valle de Cocora, Colombia
  9. Tierra del Fuego, Chile
  10. Mahai Campsite, Royal Natal National Park, South Africa
  11. Main Range, Kosciuszko National Park, Australia
  12. Acadia National Park, Maine, USA


Of the 12, what was your favorite? Are you a fan of the arid landscape Utah or the lush vegetation of Colombia? Do you see yourself in a tent on the banks of a glacial lake or resting at the foot of a volcano? No matter which campsite you dream of visiting, GlocalMe can keep you connected.


The GlocalMe G2 was created for people like you, people who live a life without boundaries. GlocalMe is the world’s first WiFi hotspot that keeps you connected to a private and secure internet from anywhere on earth. If you are camping in South Africa this week and Australia the next, GlocalMe is always working for you.


Summer is nearly here which means it’s time to start planning your next camping trip. Use these ideas from Travel and Leisure or find your own hidden location to set up camp. Find your GlocalMe and then find your destination.


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