With GlocalMe WiFi You Will Never Lose Your Secure Private Network


Travelers have enough to worry about besides the security of the wireless networks they are connected to. There are travel itineraries, meeting points, airlines delays, public transit navigation, language barriers and differing currencies, let alone their own personal safety to worry about. In short, travelers don’t need to add the extra stress of insecure internet, or worse yet, the stress of not having any internet at all. That’s where GlocalMe comes in.


GlocalMe G2 is a traveler’s dream. It is the first cell phone accessory in the world that acts like a portable WiFi hotspot and backup power source, providing roaming-free and sim-free internet access across the globe. Basically, an activated GlocalMe G2 will scour local 3G and 4G networks to find the strongest connection, then it will broadcast that signal so that you can connect to the local network. And, because the GlocalMe is a personal hotspot, it is completely safe to use.


On the official GlocalMe website, the company says, “There is zero hacking and as well no surveillance. Use the private network service to ensure online protection when accessing the Internet.” No one else can access your personal GlocalMe signal so you are completely protected from hackers and identity theft while on the private network service.


Few things can be as stressful as not being able to communicate when you need to. The most efficient, and inexpensive way to communicate while abroad is over the internet. And, the best way to access the internet in a safe and trustworthy way is with GlocalMe. Reduce your stress and take away the worry of your next international trip with a GlocalMe G2 global mobile WiFi hotspot.


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