HIV Advocates News: HIV/Aids detection is now possible with a simple scan

May 31, 2016


HIV Advocates is an awareness program aimed at sharing the recent developments in HIV diagnosis and cure. HIV is a very difficult virus to treat – it undergoes rapid mutations and transfers to other cells of the body. Any drug removes the virus from the blood, but not from the body. The virus becomes dormant, and can become active after a period of time. The activation is due to picked up genetic mutations, making it resistant to previously used drug regimens. The key to permanent cure of HIV is isolating HIV strains and then develop drugs targeting the specific strain.


A team of scientists from Emroy University and Imperial College London have collaborated on a research aimed at diagnosing HIV by a simple scan. The idea originated from antibodies which could attach themselves to the HIV strain in monkeys, SIV. Radioactive antibodies were injected in the monkeys, and a subsequent PET Scan revealed the presence of viral gp120 protein across the tissues of monkeys – excluding the brain. They are working around to get the antibodies to also enter the brain and show viral reservoirs. Further development includes isolating viral reservoirs in specific cells in the body. Research is also being undertaken to make antibodies against viral protein gp120, as it would prevent HIV strains from picking up further mutations, making the treatment This scan can make the diagnosis and elimination of HIV much easier than methods used before.


HIV Advocates encourages volunteers who can effectively use social media to give a ray of hope to the people infected with HIV – and let them know they are not alone.


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HKScan Are the Nordic Meat Experts

May 31, 2016


Raising great livestock is not an easy task. In fact, raising livestock is one of the most rigorous and time consuming acts involved in the modern human food chain. Animals need attention, care, a safe environment and good food in order to develop the type of meat that HKScan expects in its products. That’s why HKScan is the Nordic meat experts, because we go above and beyond to ensure that every cut of meat is the best that it can be.


Scandinavia is an untouched countryside with people who care about nature and the food they put into their bodies. This is evidenced by the fact that HKScan has been producing and distributing high-quality food under the Flodins brand name since 1913. Around Scandinavia Flodins is known for making some of the best beef, poultry, lamb and pork that money can buy. Luckily for the Hong Kong market, Flodin’s omega-3 pork is now available for purchase locally.


One of the reasons that Flodins food can promise quality and great taste is because HKScan seeks to control the entire food production process from farm to fork. HKScan hires the best farmers to raise livestock, farmers who are committed to animal welfare and environmentally-friendly farming practices.


HKScan Nordic Farms Have:


  • The lowest antibiotic usage rate in Europe
  • ZERO Serious Animal Diseases
  • No Growth Promoters or Steroids Used
  • ZERO Tolerance policy for Salmonella
  • All-Natural, Omega-3 Rich Animal Diets
  • Personal Healthcare Packages
  • Humane Living Conditions for all Animals


The end result of all these commitments is some of the healthiest and tastiest meat that money can buy. From the Finnish countryside to your kitchen, Flodins Food is committed to quality; economically, socially, and environmentally. HKScan is not just a meat producer, we are the Nordic meat experts.


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