Cook Healthy Dinner and Taste Flodins Asia Omega 3 Pork on Father’s Day


Flodins Asia has changed the face of pork forever by producing the Flodins Omega 3 Pork and if all you can think about is where you can get your mouth on some then you’re in luck because there are 9 restaurants throughout Hong Kong that have it on their menus (Dining Kitchen & Lounge and the Upper Modern Bistro are both Michelin star restaurants and you can also find Flodins Omega 3 Pork at Picnic on Forbes, George Private Kitchen, Finds, Café Roma, Park Lane Hotel and Plaza Mayor), but forget about them because this Father’s Day you can celebrate at home and make your Dad a healthy meal.

Flodins Asia farm to fork policy ensures that the pork produced is at the highest quality, they work transparently and provide animals with the highest standards of welfare. Finland has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to salmonella and Flodins Asia complies with that as well as exceeding the standards set for Europe for farming. Every farm has its own health care plan which contributes to the success of the high quality of Flodins Omega 3 Pork being produced for Hong Kong’s biggest and best restaurants. So you can have confidence in the cuts you will be working with to surprise your Dad.


So, which cuts are the best? Well, you can choose from the collar, the loin, the belly and the tenderloin.

The collar is great for making a stew, barbecuing and for making pulled pork, so it’s ideal for serving up something your Dad is sure to love.

With the pork belly you can roast it, you can barbecue it or you can cover it in herbs and spices roll it up and cook it like an Italian roast pork.

The loin is very lean and ideal for grilling, without the need to pre-cook- for a larger roast as it can be cooked bone in. It can also be shredded or thinly sliced for stir fry or hot pots.

The tenderloin, the name gives it away it is the most tender cut of the lot. You can grill it, roast it whole or cut it into slices before cooking- personally I love leaving it whole and stuffing it before wrapping it in bacon. You can then serve it with potatoes (your dad’s favourite way) and a vegetable, or salad. While it might not seem as exciting as the pork belly or collar it looks and tastes amazing and looks like something that was full of effort.

The best part of all of these cuts, though, is that they’re full of Flodins Omega 3 Pork and you can pat your dad on the back and let him know that this delicious meal you prepared by hand was made with love and was as healthy as a plate of mackerel.


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