HIV Advocates Father’s Day Tribute: Having a Negative Family can be the most Positive Thing in your Life


HIV Advocates is an HIV awareness program, which aims to share news, developments, and human rights movements as we battle HIV. We’ve come a long way from 1990’s, and recent pharmaceutical developments have allowed HIV positive people to live longer. There may be multiple infections and the risk of viral activation is always there, but the drugs have allowed HIV positive people to pursue their dreams and careers – a feat not possible before. This Father’s Day, HIV Advocates will highlight the role of fathers in the fight against HIV.


A Father is a head and main breadwinner of the family. His wife and children look up to him for support and guidance for crucial matters. If a father tests HIV-positive, it is a big blog to the family. Aside from the social stigma which may result in him being jobless, he also worries for other members of the family. If the children or wife turn out HIV-positive later, the father is always blamed. Therefore, it is important for men to have access to reducing their risk for HIV. Measures such as voluntary circumcision reduce the risk of male to female transmission of HIV by 60%. It is also important for men to have information about HIv-testing centres and the treatment options if he is HIV-positive. Antiretroviral therapies can reduce the risk of transmission to family members, so children can live a risk-free life.


Fathers often close up about their personal problems for the happiness of the family members, so it is important to let them know that they are not alone. A man who is aware about HIV and its damages will ensure his family is also HIV-free. HIV Advocates thanks these fathers for their dedication to the cause, and together we can eradicate HIV from communities.


HIV Advocates which is a global initiative that aims to share news, experiences, strategies and new tools that aim to energize human rights movements and communities fighting HIV/AIDS, is the answer. Supported by Levi Strauss Foundation and powered by B-Change Foundation,  HIV Advocates encourages existing and would-be activists to explore the power of social media and other Internet avenues to help spread the message across – that discrimination and stigma no longer have any place in society and that society should accept the LGBT community members as they are.


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