Hearty Father’s Day with Flodins Asia Omega 3 Pork


If there’s one thing I love its pig meat, there really is nothing better- with a variety of cuts and flavours you’ll find a million recipes to produce perfection. There is nothing quite like the savoury punch that comes with a pork cheek melting in your mouth, or tender loin that your knife slips through like butter. It’s versatile, it’s delicious and it just got better. Thanks to Flodins Omega 3 Pork  is now good for your heart!

The Nordic brand celebrates its farm to fork ethos and in January launched an all new product- Flodins Omega 3 Pork . Four years of research was invested, in Finland, to produce this innovative product with the intention being to produce meat that has a healthier fat composition versus a typical pork product.

How? I hear you ask. To produce Omega-3 pigs they were fed a special diet, no GMO’s, no growth promoters or hormones, just home grown Finnish grain and rapeseed oil seeds, with flashes of peas and broad beans for extra protein. The result was Flodins Omega 3 Pork – tastier, more tender and a softer texture.


Omega 3 has long been lauded as great for your heart, but it has many more health benefits! Omega 3 can help curb the stiffness and joint pain that comes with rheumatoid arthritis, it can also improve the symptoms of depression, and can potentially stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia. It can also boost your eye health, as well as boosting brain development of babies in the womb, not to mention the reduction of ADHD symptoms in kids and it fights inflammation which can curb a plethora of symptoms. Omega 3 is also great for fighting auto-immune disease and can even reduce the risk of cancer.

Thankfully, now you won’t have to turn to fish and seeds to have a diet rich in Omega-3, you can turn to Flodins pork, cuts like the tenderloin, the collar, the loin, and the belly, which you will find in restaurants all over Hong Kong, including two Michelin star restaurants.

Maison Eight is the newest partner to join the Flodins Omega 3 Pork  revolution and they are offering up an absolutely tantalizing pork chop with apple and fennel compote in a cider vinegar glaze which is perfect for a Father’s Day meal to thank your dad. While you dine in comfortable luxury with an absolutely stunning view of the city you can let your Dad in on your little secret, that his pork chop isn’t just sumptuous but it’s healthy, too.

It’s such a simple way to repay him for all he’s done for you, looking after his heart health like he’s looked after your heart since birth. To save disappointment you should call ahead to book a table, you don’t want to miss out on this Omega-3 pork chop.


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