Last Few Fathers Day Gift Ideas that are Sure to Please from Iso Fit Hong Kong, Gourmet Skin Bar and Le Luxury


Best Dad’s Gift this Father’s Day: A Better Golf Swing at IsoFit Hong Kong


IsoFit Hong Kong is an all-round studio for your fitness needs. We offer members access to the latest technologies in health and fitness. Walk-in signups are welcome, and we also offer discounts on one day classes. Classes are categorised into different exercise regimens and equipment used, and cater to people from all walks of life.


Is your father an aspiring golfer? Have you accompanied him to many a Sundays where you observed as he tried to improve his swinging technique? Sure you have a good time bonding over sports, but you may have observed backache after a long day at the golf course, or your father may occasionally complain about strain at the back. course. During a round of golf, you have to constantly bend and twist your body in a particular direction. The lumbar and lower back muscles are under the greatest strain, and can become taut and cause pain. Furthermore, continuous swinging of the arms can put your neck, shoulders and arms under a lot of work, and the muscle compartments become prone to tearing or sprain.


A Great Idea for Father’s Day—Help Dad Take Care of His Skin, Get Rewards at Gourmet Skin Bar Hong Kong


Gourmet Skin Bar is a one of its kind shop as it harbours brands which work with organic beauty products. Cruelty-free, sustainable yet not compromising on quality, products at Gourmet Skin Bar are your way of showing love and care to your skin. Father’s Day is around the corner, and because Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gifts. Sure, you could get him another tie or some golf balls, but what about something he would never buy for himself? Although many men do care about skincare, they rarely purchase it for themselves. So this Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of putting his best face forward. Gourmet Skin Bar have  skincare sets that are perfect for every different type of Dad, whether he’s into traveling, shaving, or even tattooing.



Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Le Luxury takes pride in being an online store offering a wide variety of accessories and gifts for men, women and children. Le Luxury’s products are now offered for purchase and delivery via Ebay, one of the most popular e-stores in the world.


If there is one thing men care about besides their cars and gaming consoles, it is their watches. A branded watch symbolises power, money and success – and which man doesn’t want these qualities to be attributed to him. Furthermore, with sports celebrities like Tennis Champion Roger Federer serving as brand ambassador to Rolex; watches are a man’s way of acceptance into exclusive clubs of the rich and powerful.


If your father is a watch geek, look no further for the perfect Father’s Day gift. If he likes watches with a leather strap with dials in bold and sharp colours, you can buy any one the Invicta or Diesel watches available at Le Luxury. If they are someone who wants a sports or a smartwatch which also monitors heart rate, you can choose from Suunto or Polar watches which also come in neon colours.


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