HIV Advocates News: United Nations Member States pledge for an AIDS-Free World by 2030


HIV Advocates aims to spread awareness about HIV by sharing the latest developments, statistics and sharing success stories of HIV-positive people, who’ve made it through the worst of times and are now leading productive lives.


     A United Nations General Assembly meeting was in session on 8th to 10th June 2016. It was termed a High-Level Meeting and the topic on the agenda was Ending AIDS. A Public Declaration was then adopted by the United Nations Member States which includes a set of specific, time-bound targets and actions that have to be achieved by 2020 if we are to strive for an AIDS-Free World by 2030.

The five official panels were under the following themes:

  • AIDS within the Sustainable Development Goals: leveraging the end of AIDS for social transformation and sustainable development.
  • Financing and sustaining the end of AIDS: the window of opportunity.
  • Getting ahead of the looming treatment crisis: an action agenda for getting to 90–90–90.
  • Leaving no one behind: ending stigma and discrimination through social justice and inclusive societies.
  • Children, adolescent girls and young women: preventing new HIV infections

During the meeting, emphasis was laid on equality and inclusion, and to eliminate discrimination and social stigma associated with the disease. UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé said “For the first time in history we can say that in Africa there are more people initiating HIV treatment than there are new HIV infections.” – which for Africa is a significant development, acknowledging that the social stigma is declining. Many civil society representatives also shared their success stories of growing up and living with HIV.

   Among the many initiatives announced by many participating states and UN partner organisations, the most significant one was —Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS-Free. This program initiates targets to build on the progress made in eliminating HIV infections in children , adolescents and young women, and was called for by UNAIDS, PEPFAR and partners.


HIV Advocates which is a global initiative that aims to share news, experiences, strategies and new tools that aim to energize human rights movements and communities fighting HIV/AIDS, is the answer. Supported by Levi Strauss Foundation and powered by B-Change Foundation,  HIV Advocates encourages existing and would-be activists to explore the power of social media and other Internet avenues to help spread the message across – that discrimination and stigma no longer have any place in society and that society should accept the LGBT community members as they are.


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