Flodins Omega-3 pork collar is an ingredient in the Hong Kong Chef Competition



Up until recently, it was considered that Omega-3 is mainly found in certain fish and few plant sources. However, thanks to Flodins carefully tailored methods for raising pigs, we can provide the highest-quality pork meat on the market that is rich in invaluable Omega-3 fatty acids. This ensures that no matter what pork meat you decide to add to your menu, you will have a delicious food that is extremely tasty and can successfully replace fish, becoming a great alternative source of Omega-3 acids.


A Tasty and Versatile Cut

Although pork collar is an unfamiliar cut across America and Asia, it is extremely popular in Europe due to the fact that it is fairly cheap, yet tastes remarkably and is very versatile. Pork collar is located between the tip of the loin and the pig’s neck, and can be cooked in numerous ways. One of the greatest advantages of Flodins pork collar is the perfectly balanced fattiness of the meat, which makes it ideal for long, slow cooking. It can also be exposed to high temperatures, but unlike other meats, it won’t dry out thanks to its fatty content. The pork collar is one of the cuts that have highest amounts of Omega-3. It is very versatile and can be used to make a wonderful stew; it is perfect for barbecuing and can be roasted in a pan.


The Highest-Quality Pork Collar

The pigs in every farm Flodins owns are raised in accordance to the highest standards in the world, without substances and supplements to boost growth. This ensures that the pork meat from every single pig we raise is of the highest possible quality. At Flodins, we not only comply with all European Standards, which are amongst the most rigorous in the world, but we also enact even stricter rules when it comes to animal procurement, in order to offer our customers the best possible pork meat on the market. Our innovative methods to raise pigs have allowed us to produce not only tasty but also extremely healthy pork meat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your health.


Pork Collar to be Included in The Hong Kong Chef Competition

As many of you already know, Flodins is a co-sponsor of the upcoming prestigious Hong Kong Chef Competition, organized by Gourmet Magazine and The International Association of Gourmet Master Chef & Hospitality Executives. Pork collar is an exciting and tasty cut, and for that reason, it will be included as an ingredient in the “Chinese Cuisine” category. This is great news for the amazing but fairly unknown cut, as it will show just how exciting cooking it can be.


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