Join us for AYO Summer Festival in Hong Kong from 16 July to 4 August 2016


The Asian Youth Orchestra is holding its yearly summer festival in Hong Kong,  which will make the 26th anniversary of the event that was first started in 1990. The event brings together some 100 energetic and young musicians who are between the ages of 17 and 27 years to participate in tough auditions to eventually select only the best one applicant in 10 musicians. As a result, the quality of music during this Summer Festival is very high. The event will be held in Hong Kong from 16 July to 4 August 2016.


The musicians who make up the Asian Youth Orchestra are hopeful professionals who want to advance their careers through under the watchful eye of the leaders at the orchestra. The main aim of this orchestra is fundamentally to give the young talented Asian musicians wide range opportunities that playing in a world-renowned Summer Festival can offer. As more Asian musicians realize the benefits of joining this orchestra, the number of applicants who auditioned to join the Asian Youth Orchestra this year has increased substantially.


Since the Asian Youth Orchestra held their first concert way back in 1990, they have continued evolving along with the economic and political development of the Asian countries. The ethnic structure of the members of the orchestra has considerable changed over time. Thus, you should expect to see a more diverse orchestra during the 2016 Hong Kong Summer Festival held between July and August. Musicians from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam and various other Asian countries are well-represented in this orchestra.


Besides mastering the various classical masterpieces of Beethoven, Hayden, and Mahler among others, the Asian Youth Orchestra members also require learning how to live with colleagues from widely different backgrounds. This setup has helped to unify the respective Asian countries and also exposing the musicians to different cultures, which is vital for growth as both a person and an artist. You should definitely check out this year’s Summer Festival in Hong Kong and experience all this rich diversity while listening to some of the best music of your life.


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NANNY Care First Infant Milk – Available for next day delivery in Hong Kong


Baby Central Hong Kong was created by two mothers to cater to the needs of the ever busy mothers. Supplies for kids require special attention, as there is no compromise on quality. With substandard and dupes available in the market, it is very important to find original products of brands. Baby supplies are not just limited to food, but also to clothes, diapers, baby carriers, books, toys, nursery furniture and training tools for eating. Baby Central is one smart hub for all your child’s accessories. Housing the best brands, all accessories for mother and children are available at Baby Central.

    Just last year mothers in Hong Kong were frantic for getting formula milk due to a severe shortage in the region. Other quality brands were selling milk at high prices, leaving mothers desperately looking for other options. With Baby Central, mothers need not worry about the search for quality formula milk. We are now stocking NANNYCARE UK First Infant Milk, which is a unique formula as it is derived from goat milk.










NANNYCARE Infant Milk is made from whole goat milk, and has been developed after 25 years of extensive research. Research has shown that goat milk is closest to mother’s milk, in comparison to cow milk, hence doctors now suggest milk formulas based on goat milk for mothers looking for substitute formulas. Nutritious and devoid of artificial ingredients, NANNYCare UK’s First Infant Milk is a good substitute for breastfeeding or combination feeding.

Baby Central also offers free next day delivery on products above $300, so you get the best products delivered to your doorstep. No need for mothers to visit different shops for different baby products – Baby Central is there so that you can spend quality time with your baby!


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Polestar Pilates Retreat – Making Connections!


Pilates lovers will have the unique chance to participate in the exciting Polestar Pilates Asia Retreat 2016 in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. This carefully-planned event offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tap into exciting new techniques, fascinating presentations by knowledgeable and renowned Pilates presenters, and great workshops suitable for experienced Pilates instructors, as well as Polestar graduates and students. And the whole experience takes place at the mesmerizing Nexus Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.


Exciting Program

This is a fantastic event that offers attendees numerous workshops and master classes including some new and extremely interesting research regarding Pilates applications. Polestar Pilates Asia‘s Retreat is great for Enthusiasts, students as well as seasoned teachers – the pre retreat Advanced Teacher course is a must for those looking to take their teaching to the next level. Participants will have access to a vast amount of information and numerous tools that will enhance their Pilates instruction abilities.


An Impressive Group of Presenters

It is important to note an impressive group of presenters will be at the Retreat, including Founder & President of Polestar Pilates International– Brent Anderson, and  PMA President Shelly Power. Also joining us are Polestar International Presenters Serafino Ambrosio, Alexander Bohlander, Juan Neto, Alice Becker, Cat Giannito and Kimberley Garlick, whom amongst others, will ensure that all participants will have exclusive access to the knowledge of some of the most renowned Pilates gurus in the world.


A Beautiful Location

2016’s Retreat, organized by Polestar Pilates Asia, will be held in September, from 22nd to 26th, at the beautiful Nexus Karambunai Resort located in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. This paradise is situated on a 6km stretch of breathtaking beach, surrounded by stunning tropical rainforest and crystal-clear waters. The resort features elegant rooms and luxury villa suites with private balconies that offer amazing ocean vistas, along with numerous amenities, including a private pool and a peaceful and relaxing garden. This is an ideal place to train and strengthen your body and your mind and acquire additional knowledge.


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Social Media Updates: 360 degree photos in your NewsFeed


Asia’s leading social media agency, PRDA.Asia  (Prosperity Research Digital Agency) weighs in on Facebook’s recent trends.

Facebook has given new life to social media. By giving tough competition to market leaders like Google and Yahoo, Facebook has continued to integrate measures which made it a search engine, alongside a website for social interaction. Now, in addition to meeting people on Facebook, we can also review places, pages and brands. No need to look for contacts of a brand online, users can simply message the brand’s official page for any and all queries. With Facebook messenger now allowing calls and voice notes, it also gives a tough time to rivals Whatsapp and Google Hangouts!


    Facebook always integrates the recent updates in technology in its web and mobile platforms. 360-degree videos and pictures are an emerging trend, and a treat to see. While initially only viewable on VR gear or on the websites, Facebook is now tweaking its mobile interface so that these 360 degree pictures are now viewable on your Newsfeed. 360 degree pictures are shot by specific cameras or as panoramic shots on a smartphone. Users have no need to open their Facebook Newsfeed on the browser or laptop – these videos and pictures are now viewable by simply holding the phone at a different angle or tapping and moving your finger along the screen of your smartphone. Facebook is also rolling out new updates for its platform for VR, in Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Facebook reports that VR videos continue to be its most popular content, with 80% of Gear users using it to watch videos.

With social media strategies for emerging brands and SEO optimization, PRDA.Asia works to make sure your brand has an impact on the digital world. Contact PRDA.Asia today to get started!


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