Given an Earthy Theme to your Kitchen with Bamboa Home


Bamboa Home is a unique retail boutique, as it houses products made exclusively from bamboo. Ecologically sustainable and economically feasible, Bamboa customers contribute to a greener, more people-friendly earth.


Bamboa Home offers a wide variety of products for domestic use or for decor. Bed linen, furniture, kitchen-wares and bathroom accessories are all made from real bamboo.

In Kitchen and Dining wares, Bamboa has complete dining sets for boys and girls and an assortment of bowls and dishes to serve food. Chopsticks in a variety of colours and prints are also available, and they add a pop of color to your tableware. Serving plates and fruit and snack bowls can also be used as kitchen decor items.

Current masterpiece on display is designed personally by Julia, CEO and Founder of Bamboa. The Fenetre Knife Holder is a smart, trendy kitchen accessory which can hide your knives, and keep them away from children. Julia has taken a conventional knife holder and given it a spin, using bamboo for its antibacterial properties. The dual colours in the shade of natural bark colors and the print give it a very earthy feel, and make it stand out in modern chrome-themed kitchens.

All profits are used for our Going Green initiative and for supporting various environmental projects., and all products are made by local craftsmen, who are financially supported through this venture.

Visit Bamboa store at PMQ and learn more about our products and projects.


Shop: S304, Tower A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ) Central, Hong Kong

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