The Importance of Getting an Assessment before Starting Pilates


It is always important to ensure that any exercise you do is appropriate and safe for you, regardless of age, health history or fitness level. One of the best ways to prepare for exercise, both physically and mentally, is checking whether you can safely perform increased physical activities. That is why when you sign up for Pilates and Gyrotonic Exercise at Iso Fit you must undergo a thorough assessment session first.


If you are getting started with Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise at Iso Fit for the first time, or you have been inactive for a long time, getting an assessment from your trainer will help to point out your strengths and weaknesses. During this time, you can also evaluate your postural alignment and determine the best program for your needs. If your trainer uncovers any underlying problems that may affect your ability to participate in some exercises, you will be able to get all this information and use it to figure out the best way forward for you.

The next step is evaluating and explaining anatomically what the client’s body is doing and why. Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise at Iso Fit are designed to offer healthy structural alignment through functional activities. Basically, it has to do with improving the core stability, which is keeping the spine and pelvis in the appropriate position while the whole body or limbs are moving through space without any undesired compensations or distortions. Anyone who does not maintain the correct control of their core in any given movement, either through arching the back or excessively moving the pelvis is usually said to demonstrate a poor core stability.

During the assessment you will also be introduced to Pilates and how it works to improve the general posture of the body. It is true that pains and aches, as well as various other issues, can be traced to poor alignment. At Iso Fit,  you will be able to improve your postural muscles and also your health.

At the end of the assessment, clients can discuss with their Iso Fit trainer the best way to move forward, and to determine their fitness goals. Since every person is different, each client will have their own unique goals that they have to work towards. Book Your Assessment Now!  


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