Using Natural, GMO-Free grain and Rapeseed Oil Seed for Maximum Health Benefits



Flodins stands for nothing short of excellence and premium quality. With their Omega-3 pork concept they have improved the flavour, texture and health benefits of pork in a natural way. They aim to ensure the best results by controlling the entire chain of production, by ensuring the animals have been raised humanely. Their farms operate under the highest standards and best practices in the animal welfare world.


A Leading Expert

Flodins is by far the premium brand of the HKScan. The leading Nordic expert with decades of professional experience and traditions established all the way back in 1913. The company produces and sells top-notch meat products such as pork, beef, lamb products, processed meats and poultry as well as different convenience foods. They also export to more than 50 countries and have home markets in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic states.

High-Quality, Heart-healthy Feed

Flodins raises their pigs on small, family owned farms and feeds them a completely natural diet of GMO-free corn mixed with locally grown rapeseed. Rapeseed Oil Seed improves both the texture and flavour of the pork and raises the level of Omega-3- up to 4 times more compared to conventionally raised meat! In turn, saturated fat is reduced producing a delicious, heart-healthy pork. This high-quality fat is distributed throughout the meat, making it extremely tender, tasty and full of the mouth-watering juices that every professional chef or home cook aims to bring to the table.

The consistent quality of Flodins meat means that the best results are always attainable, for every meal!


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