Let’s get healthy, Hong Kong!

Pamper your Skin with The Beauty Chef Formulas

“Our range of inner beauty elixirs boost hydration, improve collagen renewal, and increase antioxidant levels to fight free radical damage.”


Gourmet Skin Bar is home to the finest cosmetic and skin care brands, which use organic and cruelty-free ingredients. Quality products are only associated with high-end brands, and those tend to be heavy on the pocket. The brands featured at Gourmet Skin Bar are at par with the high-end products and are budget-friendly. One of the brands they are proud to stock is The Beauty Chef.


The Beauty Chef is the brainchild of Carla Oates, who has packed her 15 years of knowledge of natural beauty products and minerals into her line. Carla believes that beauty lies within, and inner cleanse is what brings out the natural glow and health on the outside. All the ingredients in Carla’s range are included based on this philosophy. The line of products at Beauty Chef include prebiotic and probiotic supplements, which are rich in skin-loving ingredients for a beautiful you.


Carla is the author of the best selling book Feeding Your Skin, editor of Wellbeing Beauty Book and is the natural beauty columnist for Wellbeing Magazine. She is also the Goodwill Ambassador of Australian Organic. She also conducts Beauty Chef workshops in Sydney, guiding women on growing organic skin products in their gardens.


So if you’re looking to start a cleansing regimen for your body, no need to go to the chemist and splurge on synthetic multi-vitamins. Inner Beauty Boosts and Powders by The Beauty Chef contain the same vitamins and minerals, in organic formulation – available exclusively in Hong Kong at Gourmet Skin Bar.


Breakthrough in Thailand: Elimination of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission


HIV Advocates aims to share HIV-related news to people all over the world. Like many, it advocates dissemination of information and education to have a better understanding of HIV, including its consequences, and more importantly, how to survive with such. We are one with the many in rejoicing when a breakthrough has been achieved. Among others, one that we widely celebrated is the news that Thailand eliminated mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV. With more than half a million people in the country who have HIV, this is indeed good news. Even World Health Organization congratulated the country for this feat.


The HIV epidemic in Thailand started in the beginning of the 1990s.  In as early as 1988, however, the country has already registered its first case of HIV in a pregnant woman. In recent years, cases of MTCT were believed to be more than 20%. Its elimination, no wonder, has been welcomed news, especially by the WHO.

How exactly is Thailand able to eliminate MTCT? There are various ways, and one of such is the strengthening of maternal and child care policies. They have executed a national AIDS prevention measure and introduced anti-retroviral medicines. Through the latter, it has been asserted that the risk of transmitting HIV to children during pregnancy, breastfeeding, delivery, and labor is reduced to just a little over 1%, which is a significant improvement from the previous probability of 15 to 45%.

In 2000, based on the country’s statistical data, there are more than 1,000 children who had HIV. In 2015, it has been significantly reduced to 85. This is decrease of more than 90%, an achievement that is recognized by WHO. For mothers, on the other hand, in 2000, there are more than 15,000 of them who had HIV. By 2014, meanwhile, it has been reduced to 1,900. This is an 87% decrease. The government has provided equitable access to healthcare for both the rich and the poor, which is probably one of the reasons for the reduction of MTCT, or HIV cases in general.

Thailand is just one of the many countries that have been earlier validated by WHO for the elimination of MTCT of HIV. Other countries who share the same accomplishment include Armenia and Republic of Moldova. At HIV Advocates, just like many others, we hope that this is going to inspire other governments to be also proactive in their approach in fighting HIV and to develop robust policies to extend universal care to their citizens.


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Flodins Omega-3 pork collar is an ingredient in the

Hong Kong Chef Competition


Up until recently, it was considered that Omega-3 is mainly found in certain fish and few plant sources. However, thanks to Flodins carefully tailored methods for raising pigs, we can provide the highest-quality pork meat on the market that is rich in invaluable Omega-3 fatty acids. This ensures that no matter what pork meat you decide to add to your menu, you will have a delicious food that is extremely tasty and can successfully replace fish, becoming a great alternative source of Omega-3 acids.


A Tasty and Versatile Cut

Although pork collar is an unfamiliar cut across America and Asia, it is extremely popular in Europe due to the fact that it is fairly cheap, yet tastes remarkably and is very versatile. Pork collar is located between the tip of the loin and the pig’s neck, and can be cooked in numerous ways. One of the greatest advantages of Flodins pork collar is the perfectly balanced fattiness of the meat, which makes it ideal for long, slow cooking. It can also be exposed to high temperatures, but unlike other meats, it won’t dry out thanks to its fatty content. The pork collar is one of the cuts that have highest amounts of Omega-3. It is very versatile and can be used to make a wonderful stew; it is perfect for barbecuing and can be roasted in a pan.


The Highest-Quality Pork Collar

The pigs in every farm Flodins owns are raised in accordance to the highest standards in the world, without substances and supplements to boost growth. This ensures that the pork meat from every single pig we raise is of the highest possible quality. At Flodins, we not only comply with all European Standards, which are amongst the most rigorous in the world, but we also enact even stricter rules when it comes to animal procurement, in order to offer our customers the best possible pork meat on the market. Our innovative methods to raise pigs have allowed us to produce not only tasty but also extremely healthy pork meat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your health.


Pork Collar to be Included in The Hong Kong Chef Competition

As many of you already know, Flodins is a co-sponsor of the upcoming prestigious Hong Kong Chef Competition, organized by Gourmet Magazine and The International Association of Gourmet Master Chef & Hospitality Executives. Pork collar is an exciting and tasty cut, and for that reason, it will be included as an ingredient in the “Chinese Cuisine” category. This is great news for the amazing but fairly unknown cut, as it will show just how exciting cooking it can be.


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Superior Traction – Shop Our ToeSox Collection


T8 Fitness is a comprehensive online store which has been on the market for over five years, supplying thousands of customers with different and highly effective fitness accessories and solutions. The products brought to you by T8 fitness will properly complement your workouts and bring convenience to your training sessions. The accessories are going to provide you with additional benefits, qualities, and support which is incredibly important if you are to conduct a proper training session. With this in mind, we’d like to present you with our ToeSox collection that offers you a wide range of socks for all your Yoga, Pilates and Exercise needs.


Fitness has become more important over the last few years, as people become more concerned about their well-being. Yoga, Pilates and Dancing have become popular solutions to staying fit. However, the majority of routines would require you to be barefoot, and it is highly advisable that you use some sort of protection. This is why we’d like to bring to your attention our ToeSox collection of incredibly stylish, high-quality grip socks.


Yoga, Pilates and Dance Benefits


ToeSox are specifically designated to provide you with a lot of advantages in Dance, Pilates and more! When you dance or use a yoga/Pilates mat, the movements are going to require you to take sudden turns and stops. In order to do so, you need to introduce a source of traction on your feet. This is where the socks included in our ToeSox collection come into the picture. Specifically tailored for gripping smooth surfaces, Toesox will provide you with all the traction you need for your fitness routine.

They will provide your feet with the necessary protection in order to prevent injury and damage to your feet. They also keep your feet warm which is going to allow you to dance or perform footwork comfortably and help with flexibility.

ToeSox are a convenient solution at an affordable price that will lend a little boost of stylish attitude to your day!


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