Having HIV‬ Does NOT Mean Our Lives Will End!

August 31, 2016


“Did you just say you are an HIV+? From where and how did you get it? How will you be able to live like this?” These questions are blurted out whenever one is curious to know how one got affected with HIV. Instead of being supported and sympathized, HIV+ individuals are looked down upon with hatred, are discriminated and victimized by sheer pressure from the society. They are made to believe that living in fear and solitude is the only way for them to survive. That’s not true at all! HIV Advocates is a prominent organization that not only supports the HIV+ individuals but also makes sure they live a better life in the society.


Belonging to stigmatized communities can lead people living with HIV to depression, which is catalyzed by the society, making matters even worse. Though HIV still exists today(one day we hope it won’t!), there are a number of remedies and effective medication available to give a new hope and life to the struggling people who have been subjected to sheer criticism, stigmatization, depression, and despair. People living with HIV must be supported to leave behind the miserable life they’ve thought to spend their remaining days in. If you are living in fear and constantly criticized by society then know that you’re not alone. You can reach out for help and struggle to live the life that has always mattered to you and your loved ones. HIV Advocates offer their valuable services to help one’s struggle by providing news, detailed information, and experiences to build the courage needed to live HIV+.

Living with HIV is manageable if we care for our loved ones by treating them the right way. Exercising the approach towards a better life will bear fruits from the effortful struggle one has been at with HIV.  Talking about their illness with sympathy, along with immediate and proper medication will encourage them to live again and will make them confident enough to help others on the verge of life. To make things more comfortable, HIV Advocates collaborates with activists and organizations to fight HIV and neutralize the hate, discrimination, and stigmatization by spreading awareness globally, so every individual is capable of living a life he has imagined. Follow HIV Advocates on Facebook and help make social change “go viral” to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic!

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Looking for a Memorable Taste Experience?

August 31, 2016


It’s a special day and you want to take your loved ones out for dinner. Not only do you want to make it special but also want everything picture perfect. You’ll take them out to the nicest restaurant in town but what if the food doesn’t seem to turn out as great as what you imagined? If you want to avoid this scenario, then all you need to remember is Flodins! They offer their customers a taste experience like no other!


Flodins Omega‬-3 pork is now being served at many fine ‎restaurants‬ in ‎Hong Kong‬. Here are just a few of them:

FINDS Hong Kong: Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the ‪Scandinavian‬ design inside creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere you’ll enjoy along with our delicious Omega‬-3 ‎pork‬ menu items. FINDS is also Hong Kong’s first & finest Nordic seafood restaurant & bar.

Cafe Roma: An all-day, casual beachfront hangout on Park Island, Ma Wan serving succulent Sous-Vide Baby Back Ribs- made with our healthy ‪‎Omega‬-3 pork. ‪‎Delicious‬!

Chez Les Copains: Popular French restaurant in Sai Kung, Chez Les Copains, is now serving our delicious Omega-3 pork! Make your reservations now!

Maison Eight: Centrally located in Kowloon, Maison Eight’s new lunch menu, including healthy Omega‬-3 pork, is perfect for a midweek power ‪lunch‬!

ÉPURE: Here you’ll find an exquisitely French gastronomic experience in Tsim Sha Tsui, now including tasty, tender Flodins Omega-3 pork. ÉPURE was also recently honored by Wine Spectator for having one of the most outstanding restaurant wine lists in the world!

Find the full list of restaurants here. You can also call in for reservations and take your loved ones to dine out. Your family and loved ones will enjoy and taste the pleasures of Flodins pure and naturally produced meat products. It’s something that’s worth a try, and must-try experience!

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Guilt-free Snacking, Snow White Collectibles and more!

August 24, 2016



Yummy Nut-free Kids Snacks from ChewsWize

Are you feeling overwhelmed about finding snacks for your child that are both tasty AND provide good nutrition?  ChewsWize brings you healthy, tasty snack options for your kids that will keep them going.

The healthy snack box offered by ChewsWize gives a variety of options to choose from while allowing you select the ones your kids will love most. Kids will appreciate it and have plenty of fun while satisfying their hunger with this tasty snack!

The Snow White Collection by Lladro

Lladro is famous for their exquisite handcrafted porcelain. Their Snow White Collection collection is exclusive yet beautiful, perfect for a gift or just buying it to relish it as a keepsake. Le Luxury is an online retailer that deals in fashion jewelry, collectibles and much more at viable prices.

To make things easy for their customers Le Luxury offers their products for purchase and delivery via eBay which is one of the renowned electronic stores across the globe, essentially making things just a “click away” for their valuable customers.

Farm Fresh, Tastes Best

Raising animals naturally produces the highest quality, best-tasting product available. Raising animals naturally also just feels right. Flodins farmers are committed to raising their animals with  ethical practices, dependability and respect for what is right.

Many of Flodins Nordic farmers have reared animals for generations, passing down old-fashioned family values, quality production and reliability. Their number one goal is to share the very best food they can, the food they feed their own families, with you and your loved ones.

Having HIV‬ Does NOT Mean Our Lives Will End!

Instead of being supported and sympathized, HIV+ individuals are often discriminated and victimized by society.  HIV Advocates is a prominent organization that not only supports the HIV+ individuals but also makes sure they live a better life.

Living with HIV is manageable if we care for our loved ones by treating them the right way. Exercising the approach towards a better life will bear fruits from the effortful struggle one has been at with HIV. Follow HIV Advocates on Facebook and help make social change “go viral” to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic!

Maximizing Marketing Potential of Social Media Networks

August 24, 2016


Apart from establishing social connections, social media has taken the biggest leap towards evolution with the increasing demand for potential marketing. Every social media site, when introduced in the mainstream media, develops both the Organic and the Paid Audience, peaking at each stage. By achieving client’s’ trust with a sense of reliability and responsibility, PRDA (Prosperity Research Digital Agency) has been a prominent organization providing digital solutions for social media management.


During the Organic phase, the marketers at a newly emerging social site gather information relevant to public interest and produce specific content to attract the users. When this period declines, the social media strategy develops into paid stage. Advertisement systems like Google Adwords has been introduced where one gets paid. Facebook was originally created to organically involve the audience. It puts an imaginative and creative material to engage and satisfy people for their favorite content craving. Facebook averaged their organic growth and progressed, benefitting the sponsors by placing their ads on the social site. PRDA not only guarantees you business success but also provides a wide category of social media site solutions to grow your organic followers. If fast growth is key to your business, consider switching to a paid marketing mindset when it comes to key business goals. Think about how campaigns can drive sales, downloads or whichever key metric is most important to you.

As with any advertising platform, Facebook has gradually become more and more saturated (there are already over three million advertisers on Facebook) and the late adopters probably won’t see the same disproportionate success as current advertisers. But it’s still one of the most powerful advertising platforms out there.  And with PRDA, you can relax and watch your business flourish worldwide;  as they create daily social media content for heightened social media marketing.

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B-Change’s New App Will Enhance Access To LGBTI Inclusive Services

August 24, 2016

Ever heard of a mobile app changing lives of millions around the world?  B-Change is a social organization which tends to not only help the LGBTI and HIV-infected people to seek consultation but also provides them with support when they’re confronting any problem. Since it has earned the role of the most supporting organization within a few years, B-Change has been able to start a fundraiser to develop a groundbreaking mobile app which will not only aid LGBTI seeking advisory services but also enable them to find relief and security by inclusion on the map.


Using the latest and advanced technology,  B-Change has high hopes when it comes to creating the mobile app for the inclusion of LGBTI communities around the world. This app will be programmed to contain information and maps to provide the users with proper guidance and can be rated and reviewed to help develop the app depending on the inclusiveness level. B-Change, via this mobile app, will metamorphose the safety status of the LGBTI groups globally! This initiative will, in fact, make it a more social and independent organization and a program collaborating with the government and other enterprises to claim the acceptance of LGBTI people in the society.

But that’s not all! This new app will be designed to grant power to the users to control the challenges and problems hindering their inclusion in the society. Moreover, when a huge success, this app will become a more reliable source of the awareness program initiated by B-Change. The fundraising campaign established by  B-Change has global motives to satisfy the demand of such app in every corner of the world. From the support and donation flowing in from almost everywhere, it’s prominent that B-Change has taken a powerful and strenuous step, answering the call of individuals who are willing to accept the LGBTI people in their society.

Learn more and donate here: https://www.crowdrise.com/inclusiononthemap/fundraiser/b-change

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Quality Pork Production

August 24, 2016


It’s said that “You are what you eat”. Eating meat is good for well-being but one must make sure that guarantee for the product quality is given. For many years, Flodins has cared for its customers by producing their Quality Meats straight from the farms of Nordic regions. As the superior brand of the HKScan, the largest prized and highly skilled meat producers, Flodins has preserved the traditions and customary practices with Long Heritage since 1913.


What type of Quality Meats does Flodins offer?

Within their home markets, Flodins offers a great variety of meat specialties like Premium Pork, beef, lamb and poultry products, processed meats, and convenient food products to retail markets, food and industrial sectors and even have the privilege to export their meat expertise globally. Their meat products, due to the Superior Taste, have been popular in many regions including the home markets. But you may wonder, “Where are the home markets?” Since Flodins guarantees Farm-Fresh and Pure Taste from Nordic Farms, the home markets are situated in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic states.  Their sense of responsibility and ability in meat business has made them trustworthy enough to export their Quality Meats to 50 nations. Now that’s called the magic of Superior Taste!

Not only does Flodins work to develop economically, socially and environmentally but they also want to enhance the quality of their product by increasing the opportunities for animal health care. The Flodins have committed themselves to serve their customers with the purest quality of meat products. Each customer is taken care of in the best possible way and can rely on Flodins without a doubt. Now you can become what you eat with a light heart and soft conscience! Try Flodins pork at one of these fine Hong Kong restaurants.

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Polestar Pilates Host Centres throughout Asia

August 24, 2016


With the vision to impact the world through intelligent movement; nurturing awareness of self and community, Polestar Pilates Asia organizes courses at Host Sites in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Japan throughout the year. Since its commencement in 2001, continual effort has been made to cater for the different needs of a varied range of Asian students in terms of language, communication skills.


Polestar Pilates Asia host centers are a dynamic component of the organizational structure which is required to fulfill the Polestar Goals and Mission. These are fully operative and well-prepared Pilates facilities, owned and managed by specialists in the industry. The host centers are sociable and assistive teaching bases for Polestar students providing all the teaching support that is needed throughout the journey as a student and graduate.  A fully-fledged Continuing Education programme for Polestar graduates enables them to improve and preserve their professional edge even after graduation.

Polestar Host Centres include Iso Fit – Beijing, MySoul Pilates – Shanghai, T.T.Pilates – Xiamen, EC Pilates – Guangzhou, Iso Fit – Hong Kong, Body Work Studio – Tokyo, Arch & Curl – Seoul, ECO Pilates – Seoul, M Pilates – Seoul, Firm Point Pilates – Bandung, Pantai Integrated Rehab Services – Malaysia, Essential Movement Studio – Kuala Lumpur, Balanced Body Studio – Manila, Focus Pilates – Singapore, Core Pilates Health – Taipei and The Balance Studio – Bangkok. Besides hosting trainings at their studios, Hosts perform the required organizational and administrative tasks for the smooth execution of the courses and act as an outlet of information and movement between Polestar and their students.

If you are a Studio looking into improving your profile and develop Pilates in your area, do not miss this exhilarating prospect of becoming an official Polestar Host Centre!

Want to become a Host? Learn more at: http://www.polestarpilatesasia.com/polestar-host-sites/

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Guilt Free Snacking Just Got Tastier!

August 24, 2016


If you are a foodie who has a guilty pleasure for food and wants only the best, then you’re in for a surprise! ChewsWize has now arrived in Hong Kong and offers super tasty wholesome treats the whole family will love. Perfectly portioned for running errands, at the office, after-school snacks and more – these healthy treats are incredible!


The food-loving scientists and Epicureans working at ChewsWize have developed these amazing snacks to satisfy your luscious craving for tasty, healthy food. But that’s not all; subscribers get to rate the snacks, which means you can personalise your box, so you will get more of what you love and any snacks you dislike will never be seen again once you’ve rated it! We love this concept!

ChewsWize also guarantees the nutritional values with added beneficiaries to keep everyone’s tummy happy and safe. No matter where you are, or what time it is, you can enjoy the tasty delights without feeling the slightest guilt. ChewsWize snacks are unique to attract both health-conscious foodies and concerned parents. Not only have they mastered the art of providing gourmet quality snacks but they also love to take care of all their customers. With no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors or palm oil, they present their love and affection to keep each and every one of their customers happy.

What else do they offer? They offer you the ultimate snacking variety with the sources of proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins to help you perform better in your daily life. By noshing these delicious guilt free ChewsWize snacks, you can feel relaxed and contented. You can choose and consume a total of 5 different snacks each week from the 40+ variety they offer. Order now and leave your guilt behind to consume the snacks you love, anywhere and anytime!


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Feel like a Roman Goddess in A Day With Fe’s Hyacinthe yoga top

August 17, 2016

A Day With Fé ensures you have a chic outfit for an occasion this summer. Whether at yoga sessions or out for a drink with friends, trendy tops by A Day With Fé are suited for all needs. Sweat proof and made from the finest cotton jersey, they’re worth an investment into your summer wardrobe.


Tops by A Day With Fé are styled to suit your body. Hugging in all the right places, these tops can be worn as sportswear or paired with jeans, scarf and heels on a night out. Available in a variety of styles, these tops emphasize your back and make you appear lean and slim. The latest addition is a Hyacinthe top, which is styled to emphasize your shoulders and chest. Available in neutral colours of Black, Stormy Grey and Cloudy Grey, this top can be worn with coloured tights or jeans on an average day. You won’t be breaking a sweat in this top, and neither will it tear easily as it’s made from stretchable jersey or modal. Make an impression on people in your yoga classes with clothing by A Day With Fé. Visit the outlet at PMQ Hong Kong or shop online at the website.

Shop: S502, Block A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ) Central, Hong Kong


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Beautiful Eyes: Guilt-Free!

August 17, 2016


Gourmet Skin Bar caters to organic, eco-friendly products for its consumers. Giving shelf space to quality cosmetic and skin care products which contain herbal and natural ingredients. 100% Pure is one of those makeup and skincare brands that has made the cut and is now in-stock at Gourmet Skin Bar. Read on to learn more about their natural makeup line, including eye cream sticks.


100% Pure beauty products have been raved about by Hollywood actresses and skincare professionals alike. Based in Silicon Valley, 100% Pure produces skincare products for all ages, be it adults or children. Using natural ingredients, these products can be used on the skin without worry of allergies or reactions, as they pack antioxidants and use natural herbs such as thyme and rosemary.

100% Pure also has a line of quality cosmetics under its belt. Called “Fruit Dyed Makeup”, this line of cosmetics includes products for eyes, lips, face and also brushes and even makeup brushes. Their newest product in the cosmetic range is eye cream sticks. Available in three daily wear shades of Ecru Glimmer, Naked Glimmer and Forest, these eye cream sticks contains ingredients for a hydrating yet long lasting pop of colour on the eyes. The stick formulation makes the product travel-friendly, and can be used on the eyes like you would draw with a crayon. The cream sticks are retractable so there’s also no hassle of sharpening for the perfect curve. 100% Pure also offers other colours in eyeshadows, as well as vibrant lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. Visit Gourmet Skin Bar to find your favourite products, and buy healthy skincare and cosmetics for yourself and your friends.


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