Farm Fresh, Tastes Best


Raising animals naturally produces the highest quality, best-tasting product available. Raising animals naturally also just feels right. Flodins farmers are committed to raising their animals with  ethical practices, dependability and respect for what is right. Their number one goal is to share the very best food they can, the food they feed their own families, with you and your loved ones.


Many of Flodins Nordic farmers have reared animals for generations, passing down old-fashioned family values, quality production and reliability. With this long history of belonging to a class of quality, the Nordic farmers have observed the quality production and reliability with a sense of devotion to moral and ethically sound actions. Not only do they perform their jobs well, but also show a great sense of responsibility. Within a broad context concerning animal health care as well as preserving the environment, they provide the best of what the Scandinavian ethnicity has to offer.

Flodins Nordic farming methods have resulted in an amazingly delicious, juicy and tender pork- that cooks up to perfection every time.  What’s more, Flodins Superior Taste Promise assures you and your ‪‎family‬ will always have a fresh‬ taste experience combining great flavour with ‪nutrition‬ and well-being. Right now you can taste their premium pork at over 40 fine Hong Kong Restaurants– a must try for all carnivores!

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