Help B-CHANGE Put Inclusion On The Map


How long are you supposed to live when you’re HIV-positive?” Many people living with HIV are led to believe that they’re not destined to complete their lifespan and may fail to enjoy the fruits of life. B-Change is here to help people living with HIV accomplish their goals in life and light the hope that has been getting dimmer over time. B-Change is a social organization transforming the lives of LGBTI and HIV+ individuals and helping them achieve well-being via technology. B-Change’s new Inclusion App of services and places that are friendly or inclusive of the LGBTI community can provide relief; in some cases it could even help to save lives!


B-Change not only aims to help the Asian LGBTI and HIV+ people but also struggles to create awareness on a global scale. With a strong reputation earned within over the years, B-Change has positioned itself to be the most reliable source of consultation among the target groups. People living with HIV confront critical times in their lives but with the help of B-Change, they’ve been given a new hope to turn their lives around.

Since B-Change has the aim to propagate its support across the globe, they need your help to support the ones in need. Stand for the needy and donate to help B-Change develop a mobile app (The Inclusion App)  which will be providing inclusion to the target groups on the map to reach their nearest consultation centers. This will not only make the society safe and secure but will also generate a charitable influence and a sense of equitable humanity. Your donation, no matter how small it may be, will have an huge impact in the lives of others worldwide. So show your support with B-change and transform the lives of millions around the globe!

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