Polestar Pilates Courses coming to Hong Kong this September


Polestar Pilates is a universal provider of rehabilitation-based Pilates training, generating high-calibre Pilates trainers and successful Pilates studio models. Since its inception, it has focused on educating movement experts, in the application of Pilates as a means of inspiring lives and nurturing the progress of mind, body, soul and community. Polestar aims to provide all the tools and skills you will require as a movement professional.


The courses designed by Polestar Pilates are so powerful that your clients will immediately witness and love the changes created in their bodies and minds. The popularity of the work can be judged from the fact that every year Polestar arranges multiple series of courses all across the globe to train individuals and businesses, in order to transform their spirits and bodies.

This year, Polestar Pilates has announced the new schedule for the Autumn 2016 series of courses in Hong Kong. These courses include a highly interactive and popular Gateway Mat  course, a Comprehensive Course (which provides in depth training in Pilates principles, techniques and practice, using the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Mat and small props), a Mat Course which provides training in Pilates principles, practices and preparation with focus on group dynamics for the Pilates Mat.  Iso Fit, Hong Kong,  will also be holding  the popular Gateway Equipment course which is great for those who want to start basic Pilates training on the full range of equipment. This two-day Pilates experience is planned to teach you how to deliver rudimentary Pilates Equipment classes comprised of introductory and creative Pilates Equipment exercises. The Polestar program is designed to be flexible –  you can start with the gateway courses and work your way towards full qualification.

Get started on your journey to becoming a Pilates Teacher with highly fun, popular and interactive courses by Polestar Pilates in Hong Kong this September! Be sure to register now to avoid disappointment as seats are limited.

Learn More: http://www.polestarpilatesasia.com/
Like on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PolestarPilatesAsia
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/polestarasia  


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