Yummy Nut-free Kids Snacks from ChewsWize

Are you a parent and feeling overwhelmed about finding snacks for your child that are both tasty AND provide good nutrition? Look no further! ChewsWize brings you healthy, tasty snack options for your kids that will keep them going. The healthy snack box offered by ChewsWize gives a variety of options to choose from while allowing you select the ones your kids will love most. Kids will appreciate it and have plenty of fun while satisfying their hunger with this tasty snack!


You may wonder, “What’s the secret for this healthy snack box?” It’s as simple as that the natural fruit and berries are utilized without adding extra or artificial sugar. No preservatives and artificial flavors are added to deliver the best to your swinging “monkeys”. The scrumptious ChewsWize snack box is designed to be an effective source of vitamins, proteins, fibre, and minerals.

Kids are always jumping and electrified during their playtime activities, so why not provide them with a gourmet snack to meet all their health requirements? Packed with highly nutritional value food, ChewsWize  snacks offer a fun on-the-go yummies for your kids. ChewsWize also avoids using palm oil and their completely “nut free” option makes it a perfectly portable option to add to school lunches.

Wait a second, there’s even more! ChewsWize has just added 10 NEW snacks to their many guilt-free, yummy options! Their goal is to not to bore you with the same snack each time, so they offer you a variety of different snacks to select from each week for just 88 HKD including delivery! You are guaranteed the best of quality snacking which will keep you coming back for more. Happy snacking!

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