Beautiful Eyes: Guilt-Free!


Gourmet Skin Bar caters to organic, eco-friendly products for its consumers. Giving shelf space to quality cosmetic and skin care products which contain herbal and natural ingredients. 100% Pure is one of those makeup and skincare brands that has made the cut and is now in-stock at Gourmet Skin Bar. Read on to learn more about their natural makeup line, including eye cream sticks.


100% Pure beauty products have been raved about by Hollywood actresses and skincare professionals alike. Based in Silicon Valley, 100% Pure produces skincare products for all ages, be it adults or children. Using natural ingredients, these products can be used on the skin without worry of allergies or reactions, as they pack antioxidants and use natural herbs such as thyme and rosemary.

100% Pure also has a line of quality cosmetics under its belt. Called “Fruit Dyed Makeup”, this line of cosmetics includes products for eyes, lips, face and also brushes and even makeup brushes. Their newest product in the cosmetic range is eye cream sticks. Available in three daily wear shades of Ecru Glimmer, Naked Glimmer and Forest, these eye cream sticks contains ingredients for a hydrating yet long lasting pop of colour on the eyes. The stick formulation makes the product travel-friendly, and can be used on the eyes like you would draw with a crayon. The cream sticks are retractable so there’s also no hassle of sharpening for the perfect curve. 100% Pure also offers other colours in eyeshadows, as well as vibrant lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. Visit Gourmet Skin Bar to find your favourite products, and buy healthy skincare and cosmetics for yourself and your friends.


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