Pure Taste from Nordic Farms– from Farm to Fork


Nowadays everyone is modifying their lifestyle in pursuit of a better life with a better health. One of the biggest steps taken towards a better lifestyle is the consumption of organic, pure and drug-free food products. Flodins offer their customers  the purest form of Quality Meats from a carefully controlled environment. They not only provide the best deal but also maintain the quality of products through time-honored traditional farming techniques to give you Pure Taste from Nordic Farms– from farm to fork.


Not only does Flodins watch over the management and production system, but they also work transparently and track the feed and dietary requirements of their animals. Another accomplishment of Flodins is their yield of pure and natural products without the use of harmful antibiotics and growth boosters. Flodins takes the strictest precautionary measures for farm regulation standing side by side with the European Standards. In many cases they follow even stricter rules for animal procurement in order to produce the best quality meat.

Every member of the Flodins team is committed to delivering the absolute best product they can. Their valuable experience and time-tested farming techniques, will satisfy everyone’s appetite for fresh, premium Nordic cuisine which has the unique style of being close to nature. Flodins provides their consumers with quality assurance which is consistent throughout their approach for better consumer care – from farm to fork.

Learn More:  http://www.flodinsfood.asia/
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