Want To Reach The Heights Of Awesomeness? Try BOOSHADES!

Are you looking for the ‘perfect’ sunglasses? You must have tried on a few at various stores, right? We know you want to follow popular trends to reach the heights of awesomeness and of course, protect your eyes from the scorching sun. But again, you also want your shades to be environment-friendly and unbreakable. Worry no more! You don’t have to search far and wide for all-in-one shades. Bamboa brings you BOOSHADES– stylish shades that are the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to plastic or metal sunglasses!  Bamboa is an eco-friendly brand that brings you sustainable life products made of high-quality bamboo, while simultaneously supporting the economic growth of local craftsmen. Bamboa also makes sure their customers get the best of natural products in the safest way possible.


BOOSHADES by Bamboa offers quality protection in relevance to the modern fashion trend. Being made up of the most sustainable bamboo, they are the best alternative to metal or plastic shades. BOOSHADES are 100% handcrafted, lightweight enough to float on the water, and are 10 times more resistant to impacts when dropped. Moreover, the lenses used in BOOSHADES are UVA/UBA polarized and due to the polycarbonate material used, they are highly resistant to scratches and breakage.

Don’t worry about the size! Since made not just for a specific age group, BOOSHADES guarantee safe fit due to their flexibility. To keep your view clear and safe, a cleaning cloth and a pouch are offered with each pair of BOOSHADES. Last but not the least; BOOSHADES are named after the 6 highest peaks in Hong Kong(Grassy Hill, Sunset Peak, Unicorn Ridge, Mount Parker, Pyramid Hill, and Lion Rock) to keep you inspired on your journey towards ultimate awesomeness!

Shop: S304, Tower A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ) Central, Hong Kong

Shop Online:  http://www.bamboahome.com/
Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bamboahome



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