Polestar Pilates Host Centres throughout Asia


With the vision to impact the world through intelligent movement; nurturing awareness of self and community, Polestar Pilates Asia organizes courses at Host Sites in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Japan throughout the year. Since its commencement in 2001, continual effort has been made to cater for the different needs of a varied range of Asian students in terms of language, communication skills.


Polestar Pilates Asia host centers are a dynamic component of the organizational structure which is required to fulfill the Polestar Goals and Mission. These are fully operative and well-prepared Pilates facilities, owned and managed by specialists in the industry. The host centers are sociable and assistive teaching bases for Polestar students providing all the teaching support that is needed throughout the journey as a student and graduate.  A fully-fledged Continuing Education programme for Polestar graduates enables them to improve and preserve their professional edge even after graduation.

Polestar Host Centres include Iso Fit – Beijing, MySoul Pilates – Shanghai, T.T.Pilates – Xiamen, EC Pilates – Guangzhou, Iso Fit – Hong Kong, Body Work Studio – Tokyo, Arch & Curl – Seoul, ECO Pilates – Seoul, M Pilates – Seoul, Firm Point Pilates – Bandung, Pantai Integrated Rehab Services – Malaysia, Essential Movement Studio – Kuala Lumpur, Balanced Body Studio – Manila, Focus Pilates – Singapore, Core Pilates Health – Taipei and The Balance Studio – Bangkok. Besides hosting trainings at their studios, Hosts perform the required organizational and administrative tasks for the smooth execution of the courses and act as an outlet of information and movement between Polestar and their students.

If you are a Studio looking into improving your profile and develop Pilates in your area, do not miss this exhilarating prospect of becoming an official Polestar Host Centre!

Want to become a Host? Learn more at: http://www.polestarpilatesasia.com/polestar-host-sites/

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Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/polestarasia  


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