5 Social Media Tactics to Use



Social media networks are fantastic resources for businesses of all sizes looking to promote their brands online. It’s important that you choose and nurture the social platforms that work best for your business so that you don’t spread yourself too thin. Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) is Asia’s leading social media management agency and offers a variety of services to their clients such as SEO, Branded Content, Reputation Management, Digital Strategy etc. They are known for delivering success and premium services to their clients. Read on to learn 5 Social Media tactics PRDA recommends.


  1. Link to influencers. Choose quality, not quantity. Before you link to someone else’s post or cite them as an expert, ask yourself, “Will this benefit my readers?”


  1. Try creating your Social Media posting policy with your employees. Value content, shares and social media posts from your employees, after all 92 percent of people trust recommendations from their friends and family more than any other advertising.


  1. Integrate video into your content marketing strategy. your engagement rates will skyrocket! Since the vast majority of video views are silent, make sure your video can stand on its own without sound.


  1. Have real, meaningful interactions with your followers. Like and retweet their content. If they mention your brand, send a reply (and give it a personal touch!).


  1. Focus on making your content as shareable as possible. Post stuff that you know will either raise a smile or generally bring a lighter step to your audience and their day. Keep it pacey, fun and smart, in other words.

Still having trouble getting attention for your business? PRDA is here to help, with everything you need for Social Media success! Contact them now and get started!


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