Asian Youth Orchestra: Celebrating 26 Years of Musical Success


From strings to harps and violins to guitars, playing and teaching music is tougher than it looks!  The Asian Youth Orchestra has always provided refined music across all boundaries. After years of innovation and refining music, Asian Youth Orchestra just celebrated its 26th anniversary. With great pride, they made special arrangements for this year’s anniversary by planning a magnificent afternoon concert! This delightful event took place at the The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Amphitheater on the last Sunday of July.


As a part of the event, leading the Hong Kong Music Summer Orchestra was James Judd, a prestigious and immensely talented Conductor. Following was AYO Female Chorus, which the fabulous Chorus Master, Fabio Piazzalunga supervised.

For the pleasure of music lovers, their performance reached up to the skies- with the best quality musicians! International and world renowned Asian Youth Orchestra artists, faculty and Alumni from Boston, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Genoa, Leipzig, Milan, Venice and Vienna participated in this magnificent event. Last but not the least, Asian Youth Orchestra has always promised quality music with the motto to enrich every soul. Also, it has maintained its image as the benchmark for quality music in the musical realm. With great performances at their peak, The Asian Youth Orchestra has done justice to years of service at musical teaching and enchanting music lovers.

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