Flodins Pork Tenderloin: Healthy and Delicious!


Healthy eating should not be difficult and most of all, should not deprive you of good eats! Even if you are trying to eat nutritiously, food should still be delicious. With this, Flodins offers a tasty and nutritious alternative to other cuts of meat, specifically their pork tenderloin. It is quick to cook, flavorful, and most importantly, tender and juicy! To top it all, pork tenderloin is also beneficial for your health.


Different Ways to Cook Pork Tenderloin

If you have guests coming over or if you simply do not have the luxury of time, this cut of meat is surely going to save you. Since it is naturally tender, you do not need to cook it for a long time. It is good for grilling or roasting. A marinade with explosive flavors of herbs and spices can do a lot to make it tasty. You can also consider applying dry rubs. Brining and glazing are other options to add flavor to your pork tenderloin.


Benefits for your Health

You may not know it, but pork tenderloin(especially Flodins’ Omega-3 pork concept) is actually very healthy. Pork is an delicious source of lean protein- a 3-ounce serving contains only 93 calories and 17.8 grams of protein.

Pork tenderloin is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, in particular B Vitamins, which are essential in metabolizing food and allowing you to use it as energy.  It is also important to note, that compared to conventional pork, Flodins’ Omega-3 pork has 4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids! In turn, saturated fat is reduced to a level close to white meats like chicken and turkey. A diet rich in Omega-3 and low in saturated fat has been shown to have many health advantages, including a reduced risk of heart disease.


Flodins Omega‬-3 pork is now being served at many fine ‪restaurants‬ in ‪Hong Kong‬. Let’s Eat!


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