Hong Kong Happenings!



Inner Peace, Here I come!

Want to escape daily pressure and dream of a relaxing holiday away? Most people do, but are still anxious and worried about their daily routine while away. Without mental peace, you just can’t enjoy your holiday to the fullest. But wait! Many people opt for Yoga to relieve daily stress, as it can be the ultimate source of relaxation. The most notable yoga relaxation practice is Meditation, and with A Day with Fé you can meditate and enjoy an even more pleasant and elevated experience! A Day with Fé is an eminent brand providing specialized athleisure, yoga clothing and accessories.


Asian Youth Orchestra: Celebrating 26 Years of Musical Success

From strings to harps and violins to guitars, playing and teaching music is tougher than it looks!  The Asian Youth Orchestra has always provided refined music across all boundaries. After years of innovation and refining music, Asian Youth Orchestra just celebrated its 26th anniversary. With great pride, they made special arrangements for this year’s anniversary by planning a magnificent afternoon concert! This delightful event took place at the The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Amphitheater on the last Sunday of July.


Full, Sexy Lips- Naturally!

As trends for natural and organic beauty has evolved in today’s world so has the demand for such products. Gourmet Skin Bar in Hong Kong is renowned for providing their customers with luxury organic beauty products. All Gourmet Skin Bar brands are of 100% natural origin, only ever tested on people, use high quality fairtrade and certified organic ingredients where possible – and always toxic free. We especially love their hot Nudus Lip Euphorias!


Office Pilates

Iso Fit is practically famous for the services which they provide, helping clients achieve their health goals since 1998. Their training has a particular focus on the Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise methods. Iso Fit also offers innovative training services such as; Body Kinetics, Feldenkrais, Fit Ball and Rommet Technique. The focus is on providing quality service to clients, making sure to maintain high standards in all sessions that take place at the studio. Furthermore, they provide their clients with a flexible and relaxing environment so that they feel at ease while at the studio. The training sessions held at Iso Fit are unique, varied and challenging.



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