Longevity (Red) Rice Health Benefits


People are pretty familiar with white and brown rice, but there’s another type of rice that is growing in popularity among gourmet chefs in Europe- red rice. This specialty rice is also known as longevity rice- it’s chewy texture and nutty flavor are very distinctive. If you want to sample its taste, then consider trying the Longevity Rice Power Pack from ChewsWize.


Longevity rice is also described as a superfood because of its procyanidin content. Procyanidins is a class of flavonoids that has been linked to the health benefits of other superfoods, including cacao beans, cinnamon, red wine, apples, and aronia berries, just to name a few. Scientists believe that the moderate consumption of red wine by the French people led to their longevity and good cardiovascular health. Recent studies showed that it was due to the procyanidins found in the wine.

Eating red rice can also help protect the skin against the effects of ultraviolet rays and pollution. This is because of the powerful antioxidants found in the red rice. Red rice is a whole grain that can help you with your fiber requirements each day. Regular consumption can help improve elasticity of the skin, reduce roughness of the skin, increase moisture levels, gradually reduce depth of wrinkles, and drop oxidative stress. You’ll get better looking skin in no time!

The Longevity Rice Power Pack contains both red and black rice sesame soy crisps with a light and slightly nutty flavour from the sesame that makes these a simple yet tasty crunch. Black rice is rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids and vitamin B1 and B2!  Head on over to  ChewsWize and check out this and other yummo snacks that will help you snack happy and healthy!


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