How to Get Started with Polestar Pilates


Polestar Pilates was founded in 1992 and is considered to be one of the world’s leading institutions that offer instruction and certification program in Pilates techniques. Polestar focuses on providing premium Pilates services to their clients; particularly Polestar Pilates Asia, established in 2001. Polestar Education is a worldwide provider of rehabilitation based Pilates education. They produce high-caliber Pilates instructors and have license arrangements with 28 countries. Interested in becoming an Instructor? Read on!


The first thing to consider when getting started at Polestar Pilates is the training options. The education program at Polestar is designed to give students maximum choices and flexibility. Classes range from Gateway Pilates to Continuing Education aka from beginners just getting started to experts interested in keeping their skills up to date. In order to become a Polestar Instructor, all you have to do is contact one of our many Polestar Host Centres in the main urban centers throughout Asia. These are fully operational and well equipped Pilates facilities owned and managed by professionals, that run Polestar Pilates Education courses under the guidance of Polestar Pilates Asia.

Polestar Pilates Asia has consistently met the expectations of their clients and students by offering them top quality services and options. They promote the idea of fitness and health and aim to provide their students with all the tools and skills needed as a movement professional. Polestar Pilates is the best way to get connected with your fitness goals and a great opportunity to love what you do for a living. This is your door to a brilliant future as a Pilates professional.


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