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The Easiest Way to Eat Better While Travelling

No matter the reason you travel, whether for vacation or for a business, travelling can lead to unhealthy eating. Avoiding temptations (unhealthy foods!) can be a huge challenge. However, ChewsWize’s yummy treats can help you to snack healthy on the go, wherever you are!


Flodins Omega-3 Pork

Omega-3 is a major part of a healthy diet.  However, most people do not get enough of it in their diet. Flodins Omega-3 Pork is a delicious way of adding more omega-3 to your diet, with up to four times more Omega-3 compared to traditionally raised meat! Along with being healthier for you, the higher content of Omega-3’s also makes the fat melt faster and is thus infused in the meat creating juicy, succulent pork meat. Read on to find out why Omega-3’s are so important for your health.


Popular Acuball Mini at T8 Fitness

Founded in 2011, T8 Fitness offers a wide-range of equipment solutions which caters to exercise, rehab, Pilates, yoga and more. As the need for fitness and staying healthy becomes a dominant factor in today’s world, T8 Fitness keeps evolving and bringing in new products to satisfy the needs and demands of their clients.

One of their most popular products includes the Acuball Mini. The Acuball has specially designed acupoints and also uses heat to stimulate the blood flow of the individual. The Acuball Mini  has smaller nibs and a much harder feel to make it brilliant for releasing the tightness in the muscles in different parts of the body such as feet, hands, shoulders, upper back, arms, and forearms as well. It is beneficial for not only relieving tight muscles but also eliminating stress from the body


Michael Kors Darci Ladies Watch

Le Luxury is a well-known online retailer which deals particularly in jewelry, watches and also pens at competitive prices. The newest addition to their luxury product line is the Michael Kors Darci Ladies Watch.

A crystal-emblazoned bezel brings high-class shimmer to this chic and slender Michael Kors women’s timepiece. Featuring a lovely goldtone stainless steel design, this Darci watch boasts reliable quartz movement. This watch is one of its kind and makes a gorgeous gift for the special lady in your life(or a gift for yourself- we won’t judge!)


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