The Easiest Way to Eat Better While Travelling


No matter the reason you travel, whether for vacation or for a business, travelling can lead to unhealthy eating. Avoiding temptations (unhealthy foods!) can be a huge challenge. However, ChewsWize’s yummy treats can help you to snack healthy on the go, wherever you are! Read on for a few great tips on how to eat better when  travelling.


The easiest way to eat better while you are travelling is to pack your own food. At the moment, you are able to take foods on nearly all forms of transportation. This saves you a lot of money and means that you are able to eat healthy. Think about snacks and foods that are easy to carry, and are temperature safe. If you are flying, you will have to have all of your food packed, wrapped or in a container. Luckily, the healthy snacks from ChewsWize come in their own containers!

Some of the best travel foods and snacks are items like dried fruit and nut mixes. There are many options for what can be in the mix, and ChewsWize carries many options. The protein, fibre and essential good fats in the nuts will fill you up and keep you full of longer than other snacks. Dried fruits with no added sugar are a great substitute for sugary candies. They keep your blood sugar levels up and do not have the same drop as other sweet snack options.

Another part of eating better while you are traveling is to stay hydrated. Many times, people think they are hungry when they are thirsty. Being dehydrated leads to headaches, fatigue, reduced concentration, and muscle camps. By keeping water and snacks on you, you are much less likely to end up buying and eating unhealthy foods. When you are looking for health snack options for your next trip, or an easy way to snack at work or school- definitely check out ChewsWize’s many great tasting, healthy snacks.


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