Basic Methods for Learning Music Theory


Listening to good music makes one’s heart flutter with joy at every note and rhythm. Just as wondrous as listening, learning the music theory or taking music lessons delivers a similar experience. The soul starts to dance at the musical rhythm and harmonic trends during intervals. With such promising attitude, Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has made its way towards the peak in musical history. This award-winning orchestra has served as a platform for young talent whose souls yearn to play the melodies of their hearts.


Everyone can learn music and there are several ways to do so. Before one starts, you must know what music theory is about. Music theory deals with the practices and possibilities, analyses of basic components and concepts related to music. The basic elements are the musical alphabets, scales and intervals. One must learn all the musical alphabets, memorize the scales, and create moods and feelings through intervals. If you know the notes, names, and values, you may learn the major and minor key signatures and scales. Also, you must learn to be familiar with the triads on the lead sheet. Common chord progressions and functions of chords should also remain within the context. A different method involves the interval identification, melodic, Bass line, and the harmonic dictation.

Music theory is not a modular course when studying. Since it is speculative, it is recommended that an individual uses what works for them. The student should utilise all avenues until the best, simplest and most effective way is found. With the passion for music, Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has remained a vital source to develop the love of music in the hearts of young musicians. Also, AYO offers the best services which you can’t resist because; it’s never too late to learn music.

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