Fall/Winter ToeSox 2016 Collection

Whether it’s yoga, fitness training or a ballet class, each requires special moves and techniques. But are you feeling comfortable in that apparel? When you’re not wearing comfortable clothing, you may become prone to injuries during training. In particular people often overlook the slickness of normal socks, or even bare feet on a yoga mat or other fitness equipment. Grip Socks are essential to preventing sliding and slipping, and good news! The new   Fall/Winter ToeSox 2016 Collection is available at T8 Fitness! T8 Fitness brings to you the finest in yoga, Pilates and fitness accessories.


Feet are the one of the most sensitive parts of the body prone to physical injuries. This is why T8 Fitness offers a wide variety of ToeSox. These socks are specially designed to give you comfort and safety during fitness training. T8 Fitness is the exclusive distributor of ToeSox in Hong Kong. The ToeSox Fall/Winter 2016 Collection includes incredible and stylish designs, fitting the needs of everyone. Yoga and fitness trainers love the comfort and vivid, popping colours of the ToeSox variety. Ballerina grip socks, Low Rise barre socks, ankle grip socks, casual crew socks, leg warmer dance socks, and casual knee high socks are some of the new introduced collection.

  • The Full-Toe Bellarina grip socks are great for year round use as they feel less hot to wear during barre, yoga, or just walking around your home.
  • The Half Toe Low Rise grip socks in Black are perfect for those who mix and match their workout attire- they match everything!
  • Full Toe Low Rise grip socks are a personal favourite for Barre and Yoga – full foot coverage works wonderfully paired with long yoga pants.


Get a grip with the ToeSox collection and experience comfort, leisure and fashion at the same time! Hurry and order your favourite pairs of ToeSox online- before the new collection sells out!

Shop: http://www.t8fitness.com/
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