Gay Games Fundraiser at Orange Peel


There was an  incredible turnout at the Gay Games Fundraising night, Sept 17th at the Orange Peel. With generous support from both Orange Peel and Grana, we had a non-stop, action-packed night filled with joy, love, and celebration of diversity from our poets, musicians, singers and authors. The night truly showcased the amazing amount of talent we have in this community.


The night started with Vivian Kwok’s harp medley with “Over the Rainbow”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and Denise Ho’s “Lawrence and Lewis”. Next Racoon Hut shared excerpts from his book “The Flying Bear”  to celebrate bear culture in Hong Kong, which is seldom mentioned in the media. The following intensive and intellectual performances from our poets Katie Ng, Ian Lam, Gina Benjamin, transqueer body-builder Siufung Law and the team from Peel Street Poetry moved the crowds to cheers and at times introspection. Their message on “Coming out loud and proud” were well echoed in the room and the humorous punt on Hong Kong’s gay scene filled the room with laughter. Nigel Collett’s book reading on “Firelight of a Different Color” and English rendition of Leslie Cheung’s lyrics came at a timely moment for the remembrance of Leslie’s 60th birthday.


In our second set, Kobe, Matthew and Tony Ling wow’d the crowd with jazz and classical piano- what an elegant and moving performance! The room really heated up when “Beautiful” by Miriam and suddenly the crowd was singing together with her. It was almost like a giant Karaoke room! Everyone sang “Over the rainbow” with Wayne Yeh on the Baritone and we have a whole new rendition of “A Whole Gay World” with a duet performance by Bobby Burns and Wayne.


The Harmonics made an empowering performance when 30 of them sang “Seasons of Love” and “Make them Hear you” among the crowd . The rush of empowerment and feeling of community flooded all of us- everyone united together as the we all sang and interacted with the choir. The night ended in great fun with an entertaining, crowd-pleasing Burlesque performance by the amazing Penny Poutine.


This LGBT  event  contained so much cultural and musical talents- all in one room with such an engaging crowd. We love you all – the gays, the allies, the philosophers, the campaigners, the authors, and the quiet supporters. The Gay Games focus during this event was on promoting the Game’s mission in “Diversity, Participation and Inclusion” at all levels in Hong Kong.  And this was accomplished in spades! A huge success! We believe everybody who came last night walked away with a renewed sense of pride and will spread our positive vibe around. Our special thanks to Grana and Orange Peel for supporting this event, see all the great images here.

We are still in need of Donations! Please show your support for #GGHK2012, and make your Donation via PayPal at ““. Stay tuned for the next Gay Games fundraising night!


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