The Oov Arrives in Asia


The pioneers in Pilates training and education, Polestar Pilates has introduced a new instrument for better training – the Oov. Polestar Pilates Asia brought the Oov to Asia during their 2016 Pilates Retreat in Malaysia. The retreat included a fantastic programme of workshops and master classes covering a wide range of Pilates teaching applications. The following highlights just some of the benefits and features the Oov provides.


Sessions often incorporate equipment to add variety and to add challenge to training and rehabilitation. The Oov has many benefits: The shape of the Oov is engineered to match the natural spinal curves of your body. Unlike a foam roller, the Oov is made from compliant foam so it is comfortable. Once a client is positioned on the Oov, they are essentially in what we refer to as a “neutral spine.”  The Oov is shaped to be an unstable surface. So while it “cradles your spine,” it also challenges your rotational stability, which is functional for many of our daily activities. It strengthens the spinal posture and alters the habitual and non-adaptive motion patterns of the clients.  More importantly, clients gain new awareness of these patterns which is a challenging aspect of our treatment paradigms. The Oov also promotes healthy posture, it’s designed to allow the shoulder blades to move freely while laying on it. We can train a client’s head, neck and shoulder alignment while challenging the neuromuscular system to recognize a new, healthy position of the spine.


Polestar Pilates cares for their instructors and clients alike and wants the best for them. Introducing the Oov adds a challenging new dimension to Pilates training, and many benefits for physical therapy and fitness clients alike. Follow us on Facebook, and watch for upcoming courses and programmes for the Oov around Asia.

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