Upcoming Polestar Courses at Iso Fit


Professional Pilates instructors prefer Polestar for its consistent high-quality education, training and support. When applying professional techniques and developing awareness, Polestar Pilates complies best with the quality and standard of education maintained by Iso Fit. This is the reason why Iso Fit has been hosting world renowned Polestar Pilates courses since 2001. Their team of dedicated professionals are available to deliver a variety of techniques, personalising each session to meet their clients needs. With a wide variety of Pilates and Gyrotonic session, Iso Fit helps its clients meet their training goals. Enhanced exercise methods such as Body Kinetics, Fit Ball TRX and more are available for advanced training.

If you are ready for training, check out the upcoming Polestar courses at Iso Fit. Iso Fit is offering two courses to boost up your Pilates training and exercise methods.


The first course is  the Mat with Small Props which will be held 05-06 Nov 2016. As the name indicates, this course includes Pilates mat exercises with foam roller, rotating discs, balance board, gym ball, Flex Ring Toner®, and springs. These exercises are specially designed to enhance and challenge your Pilates mat repertory. These small props add a unique proprioceptive challenge to the original exercises as well as providing support and assistance to the more challenging Pilates repertoire.


The second dynamic course, The Reformer Qualification Course, will be from 03 Dec 2016 – 19 Feb 2017. Consisting of five sections, this course provides the opportunity to become a Pilates Reformer Teacher. The program provides instructions on Pilate principles, techniques and exercises and is scheduled for 3 two-day sessions. Successful completion of the series will enable participants the opportunity to gain qualification by sitting for the Reformer Exam.

It is time to reach your training goals! Snag your spot now by registering for these courses, and receive the best Pilates instruction in Hong Kong.

Visit:  802-805, 8/F Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Learn More:  http://isofit.com.hk/
Like on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PilatesHongKong
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/isofitstudio/

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