The Oov, Gay Games and More Come to Hong Kong

October 12, 2016



Gay Games Fundraiser at Orange Peel


There was an  incredible turnout at the Gay Games Fundraising night, Sept 17th at the Orange Peel. With generous support from both Orange Peel and Grana, we had a non-stop, action-packed night filled with joy, love, and celebration of diversity from our poets, musicians, singers and authors. The night truly showcased the amazing amount of talent we have in this community.  The night started with Vivian Kwok’s harp medley with “Over the Rainbow”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and Denise Ho’s “Lawrence and Lewis”.

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Upcoming Polestar Courses at Iso Fit

Professional Pilates instructors prefer Polestar for its consistent high-quality education, training and support. Polestar Pilates applies professional techniques and develops the highest quality of teachers, making Polestar Pilates a perfect fit for Iso Fit. This is the reason why Iso Fit has been hosting the high quality and world renowned Polestar Pilates courses since 2001. Their team of dedicated professionals are able to use their Polestar Pilates Training to deliver a variety of options for clients, tailoring each session to meet the needs of the client. The unique combination of the Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise systems ensures that Iso Fit helps its clients meet their health and fitness goals. In order to enhance training other exercise methods such as Body Kinetics, Feldenkrais, Fit Ball TRX® and Rommet technique, to mention but a few, may also be applied during sessions to provide an all round mind/body experience.

You can also provide your clients with this type of high quality service! If you are ready for taking the next step and going into a teacher training course, check out the upcoming Polestar courses at Iso Fit. Iso Fit is offering two courses to boost up your Pilates training and exercise methods.

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Rapeseed Oil: Reasons to Use It

Thinking of the perfect way to cook your premium Nordic meats from Flodins? There are many ways, you could have it grilled, broiled, seared, or fried, among others. When it comes to frying, one of the most important things is to make sure that you use the right kind of cooking oil. It must not only be able to bring out the best flavor from your meat, but it must also be good for your health. In this case, you can consider using rapeseed oil. It may be a bit expensive, but when you take a look at its benefits, you will be easily convinced to have it chosen above all others.

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The Oov Arrives in Asia

The pioneers in Pilates training and education, Polestar Pilates has introduced a new instrument for better training – the Oov. Polestar Pilates Asia brought the Oov to Asia during their 2016 Pilates Retreat in Malaysia. The retreat included a fantastic programme of workshops and master classes covering a wide range of Pilates teaching applications. The following highlights just some of the benefits and features the Oov provides.

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