Changing the Lives of Youth in Asia


It is said that the future belongs to those who are willing to transform their lives. Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has been the beacon of light for the youth of Asia. AYO has changed the lives of many young musicians and encouraged the finest Asian talent on the worldwide platform with firm dedication and commitment to music teaching.


Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has always supported the sprouting musicians with the belief that music should be played with joy, love and a humble understanding between fellow people. Founded in 1990 as East Asia’s counterpart to European youth orchestras, the Asian Youth Orchestra accepts around 100 aspiring musicians each year following auditions in their home countries. The age limit for the youth is between mid-teens to the mid-20s. The selected candidates are then sent to rehearsal camps to explore the musical realm in depth. When they’re ready, they perform in a series of concerts all around Asia throughout the summer. AYO has always proved to be the bond among the youth from different nations and has served their passions altogether. Not only this, the Asian Youth Orchestra has shown excellent support for the youth education. Financial assistance for music education and scholarships for studies abroad are available for the ones in need. Within AYO, young musicians explore their passionate side and receive inspiration.


Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has always attempted to bridge the gap between Asian nations and has developed a strong bond of unity using the language of music and creating a family. The motto of AYO to prepare talented youth for a global platform has always fit right in with the belief that ‘music heals all broken bonds’. The dedication and devotion of AYO will always live while its musicians play the music of their passions.

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