New Athleisure Collections, Ways to Rev your Metabolism and More!


Fall/Winter ToeSox 2016 Collection

Whether it’s yoga, fitness training or a ballet class, each requires special moves and techniques. But are you feeling comfortable in that apparel? When you’re not wearing comfortable clothing, you may become prone to injuries during training. In particular people often overlook the slickness of normal socks, or even bare feet on a yoga mat or other fitness equipment. Grip Socks are essential to preventing sliding and slipping, and good news! The new   Fall/Winter ToeSox 2016 Collection is available at T8 Fitness! T8 Fitness brings to you the finest in yoga, Pilates and fitness accessories.

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Changing the Lives of Youth in Asia

It is said that the future belongs to those who are willing to transform their lives. Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has been the beacon of light for the youth of Asia. AYO has changed the lives of many young musicians and encouraged the finest Asian talent on the worldwide platform with firm dedication and commitment to music teaching.

Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has always supported the sprouting musicians with the belief that music should be played with joy, love and a humble understanding between fellow people. Founded in 1990 as East Asia’s counterpart to European youth orchestras, the Asian Youth Orchestra accepts around 100 aspiring musicians each year following auditions in their home countries.

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Delicious Ways of Boosting your Metabolism

If you are searching for ways of keeping your body functioning at its maximum capacity, especially during those long summer months, then check out the following Chewswize snack hacks! Along with simple exercises every week, here are some extra ways to use food to assist in keeping your body revved up.

Studies show that dietary fiber can boost your overall fat burn capacity by nearly 30%. Luckily, most of the snacks here at Chewswize have lots of fiber from Americana BBQ to New Orleans Heat.

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A day with Fé’s New Fall Collection.

A Day with Fé’s Fall 2016 collection has finally arrived!  In this collection, focus is on essential pieces in minimalist design, back to basics, and less is more. Whether you are wearing A Day with Fé pieces for your yoga practice, daily whereabouts or travel- be sure to stay connected with yourself with their hidden mantras- powerful words to inspire you in your daily life. Read more on their new athleisure collection- including new colors!

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