History Behind The Gay Games


From youth to adulthood, games and sports are an essential part of everyone’s life. Sporting events are a necessity to keep people healthy and fit. You must’ve heard about the ancient Colosseum in Rome, famous for its rich history in sporting and outdoor gaming events? For over a quarter century, the Gay Games have built an international legacy of changing cultural, social and political attitudes towards LGBT people across the globe, while at the same time empowering tens of thousands with the transforming benefits of sports competition. Hong Kong is bidding to host this event in 2022.


The history of Gay Games dates back to 1980, when it was introduced by Dr. Tom Waddell to bring an innovation to the status of unappreciated communities. Waddell wanted to bring gays and lesbians together in an unprecedented effort, and he wanted “to dispel the prevailing attitudes in sport regarding ageism, sexism and racism.” In 1981, it was a challenging opportunity and a perplexing situation for gay athletes, but the world had to change its views when these athletes marched into the Kezar stadium with great enthusiasm in 1982. The Gay Games are destined to challenge the global attitudes in sport regarding ageism, sexism and racism. As the years have passed, the Gay Games Movement has prospered throughout the world as a new ray of hope.


Gay Games are continuously being conducted every four years at worldwide locations like USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia and Germany. This cultural event even has an official anthem, “Take the Flame”, written by Henry Kreiger and lyricist Bill Russell, first performed by Lilias White at the fourth Gay Games event in June, 1994 at Yankee Stadium, New York City, USA. No matter how strong the tide is against the LGBTI communities, Gay Games Hong Kong is always there to promote  diversity, inclusion and tolerance across Asia.

We are still in need of Donations! Please show your support for #GGHK2012, and make your Donation via PayPal at “donations@gaygameshk2022.com“. Stay tuned for the next Gay Games fundraising night!

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