Swarovski Limited Edition Nativity Set


Le Luxury is a trusted online retailer of  jewelry, watches, and exquisite pens. One reason why they are famous among their customers is due to the quality products they provide. They make sure their customers are satisfied on every order. Le Luxury utilizes eBay shops for their major storefront, which makes shopping a fun and easy experience. They have a large variety of various fashionable products and trendy accessories. Here you can find a vast variety of products to fulfill countless needs.


This Christmas, start your own sparkling nativity scene with this online exclusive set. This limited edition Nativity Scene is a gorgeous Swarovski design. It includes three different figures which are of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The set is crafted in clear crystal which enhances the entire beauty of the product altogether. The Nativity Scene is a perfect gift that one can give to their loved ones such as family or friends on Christmas. Or gifted individually- the Baby Jesus ornament would make a lovely Baby’s First Christmas Ornament! The product is designed beautifully and will also serve to be a beautiful addition to your collection of crystal pieces. These are the same high quality Swarovski Nativity Scene Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph you will find in expensive shops- for less! Swarovski plans on adding more exquisite pieces to this timeless collection, which is expertly crafted in clear crystal, every Christmas until 2018.













Baby Jesus

If you are thinking to get a gift for your loved ones this Christmas then this Swarovski Nativity Scene Set is the perfect choice. Wait no longer! Capture the serenity of the season with this timeless and exquisite collection. Every piece is expertly crafted to serve as an ideal gift or for decoration purposes. Order one of these beautiful Nativity sets at Le Luxury now!

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