Classical Music Appreciation


Classical music has deep roots in China, as well as many cultures worldwide.  Remember classical music is not just for old people (contrary to popular belief) but for everyone from children to young adults. The elegance or harshness of each note, the graceful or stormy deliverance, and the formal manner of the classical music drowns its listeners in the everlasting phases of the musical dimension. With classical music being its highest priority, Asian Youth Orchestra has taken the world by storm as a leading orchestra and has introduced the finest young musicians on tours across Asia.


If you have not listened to classical music before, then start by learning more about it, such as who it was composed by, whether it’s been in any shows, and if it was appreciated at the time of its publishing.  Be willing to listen. Give it a chance to learn to like it. Listen to the notes, patterns, and small details. Try to pick out the sounds of individual sections like the strings, woodwinds, brass or percussion. Discerning these components of the music can increase your appreciation of the piece. Then pick out individual instrument and see if you can hear the part they play. You can also learn to play classical instruments too, if you find the music inspiring.


Want to satisfy your quench for classical music? Try going to live orchestral concerts, where thousands of ears are impatient to hear the true beauty of music and appreciate it the way one perceives it. You can avail this opportunity each summer, thanks to the Asian Youth Orchestra as it tours around Asia, playing at various concert venues redefining classical music and beguiling attendees.

Come along and learn to appreciate classical music with the Asian Youth Orchestra!

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