Start Your Yoga Journey with Tips From Professionals


If you’re new to the world of yoga, then you’ve probably experienced an overwhelming sense of self-consciousness that hits as you enter a studio full of seasoned practitioners. With time, patience and a willingness to learn, you too will join the ranks of expert yogi’s! Be inspired daily with A Day with Fé’s activewear, the clothing line for people seeking a mindful journey. Each garment is designed with love in Hong Kong and holds a special mantra to remind you that what you are looking for is already there. Now, it’s time to roll out your yoga mat, here’s everything you should know before your next class!


First of all, wear clothing that fits your size perfectly and makes you feel comfortable during all the stretching and motion involved in a yoga practice. Avoid polyester and baggy clothes that can impede your flow. The key point of yoga is to develop focus and concentration. Always be present minded to experience mindfulness, ie: let go of all your worries and stress. Make sure you are practicing yoga in a soothing and tranquil environment.


Finding the time for yoga is a luxury in a fast paced city like Hong Kong. Morning practice is what most yoga experts would recommend. Wake up your body with a few backbends. Breathe deeply to let out all the stress and anxiety and relax yourself. After every yoga session, make notes about your newly learned practices. Yogi’s should also avoid eating right before a session, as many poses are in a prone position and can cause upset stomach. Remember to listen to your body,  and allow your breath to guide you.

Before you start your journey, check out the latest Fall/Winter 2016 collection by A Day with Fé. A particular favorite is their new eco-friendly Luxe leggings, to define your comfort and connection with every mantra you learn!

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