The World of Natural Beauty and Gorgeous Jewelry Gifts


Start Your Yoga Journey with Tips From Professionals

With time, patience and a willingness to learn, you too will join the ranks of expert yogi’s! Be inspired daily with A Day with Fé’s activewear, the clothing line for people seeking a mindful journey. Each garment is designed with love in Hong Kong and holds a special mantra to remind you that what you are looking for is already there. Now, it’s time to roll out your yoga mat, here’s everything you should know before your next class!

Finding the time for yoga is a luxury in a fast paced city like Hong Kong. Morning practice is what most yoga experts would recommend. Wake up your body with a few backbends. Breathe deeply to let out all the stress and anxiety and relax yourself. After every yoga session, make notes about your newly learned practices. Remember to listen to your body,  and allow your breath to guide you.

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The World of Natural Beauty, What a Bliss!

A woman always considers it a win when she knows that she’s got the right makeup and beauty products for her skin. It’s not always about the shade, but also the quality of ingredients. When you’re as obsessed with ingredients and labels as we are, you start to notice the number of horrifying chemicals major makeup brands use in health and beauty products meant for the most delicate areas of your body. Is there any brand so pure and natural, which can save your skin from these horrors? Yes, there is! With a broad range of amazing naturals, Gourmet Skin Bar brings you a complete range of 100% pure and organic, naturally-produced beauty items that you’d definitely want to love, cherish and protect your skin.

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Never tried Pilates? You’re missing out on some serious muscle groups.

Staying healthy and remaining fit is a major concern in today’s modern society, and Pilates dramatically and rapidly improves strength, flexibility, posture. If you are looking for a place to try Pilates for the first time then Iso Fit is the right place for you. Iso Fit has brilliant and dedicated trainers who can help you with different exercises and can give you expert advice on your health.

Pilates forces you to fire up deep intrinsic muscles like the multifidi, which runs the length of and surrounds your spine, and the transverse abdominis, which is essentially your body’s natural girdle. Stabilizer muscles do just that: stabilize. They stabilize your spine, your pelvis, and your core. Focusing on what’s happening inside and holding strong in your middle is what allows you to control the movements instead of letting gravity and momentum pull you and the carriage back to neutral.

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Best Women’s Jewelry Gifts for Christmas 2016

Gorgeous women love gorgeous jewelry!  Be it simple pendants, earrings, or chunky bangles, ladies will always be attracted to these decorative pieces. Are you on the lookout for new and exquisite designs? Le Luxury is an online retail store which sells quality and fashionable jewelry to their customers at absolutely affordable prices. At Le Luxury, a customer will never be disappointed, as  customer satisfaction is the top priority. Read on for 5 of their top recommended gifts for women:

Rose Gold Bangles:

Classic gold trends may come and go, but rose gold jewelry is timeless. Like this Swarovski Forward Bangle which has a modern design along with a galactic feel. It contains a half square silhouette in rose gold plating and a crystal pave. A complement to most skin tones, rose gold makes an easy and beautiful gift.

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