Foods That Make You Smarter

December 28, 2016



All we hear about are health foods that make your skin glow, foods for a flat tummy…the list goes on. Now we’re not saying we’re not fans of those lists, they can actually be quite healthy and useful, but we’d like to address the foods that make you smarter. Yes… they do exist, there are food that are good for your brain, and then some. For example, a diet rich in Omega-3 and low in saturated fat has been shown to have many health advantages, including brain health. Flodins Omega-3 Pork is packed with 4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids compared to conventional pork! Read on for more info on Omega-3 Pork and other foods that boost brain health:

Sliced avocado on a cutting board

Sliced avocado on a cutting board


Avocados offer more than delicious and creamy flavor; they are also a great brain booster packed with monounsaturated fats that keeps our brain cells active and healthy. In addition, avocados also contain 20 essential vitamins and minerals such as lutein that protect your eyes and potassium that helps maintain blood pressure.


Nuts are high source of Vitamin E, which according to some studies can decrease the likeliness of cognitive decline as we age.  Most nuts also have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids which can help your heart stay healthy.  Nuts also contain Vitamin B6, which trigger the production of norepinephrine and serotonin.  Both of these chemicals are vital in sending signals to our brain.


Broccoli, Spinach, and Other Leafy Vegetables are a great source of different vitamins and  minerals.  There are several research studies that suggest dark, leafy green vegetables have the ability to protect us against cognitive decline and other age-related issues.  They are also a rich source of iron, which improves the circulation of oxygen throughout our body.


Berries contain a high amount of antioxidants that help promote brain health, with mood, memory, antimicrobial and antihistamine-enhancing traits.  Furthermore, blueberries also contain a higher amount of antioxidants that can protect our cells from the damage caused by free radicals.


Flodins Omega-3 Pork is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for the performance of our brain.  According to experts, a low amount of Omega-3’s can lead to fatigue, mood swings, and memory decline.  Your body does not have the capacity to produce this substance, which is why it is essential for you to supply your body with enough Omega-3.


For these health-rich reasons, Flodins adds rapeseed oil seed to their pigs’ feed to boost the amount of essential Omega-3 fatty acids in their pork. It has up to 4 times more compared to conventionally raised meat!  The high quality fat in their pork is distributed throughout the meat, which makes it extremely tender and tasty. It’s is easier to cook with it too, so it’s no surprise that many top Nordic chefs choose Flodins Omega-3 pork for their menus.

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Dragon Boat Racing: The Ultimate Team Sport

December 28, 2016


Bringing you the thrill of the moment in each sporting event, Gay Games is an international sports festival that is operated by the LGBT community for everyone, ruling out the sexual preference, age, gender, and sporting capability. Since 1982, these games are held after every four years. The participation of 15,000 people in 36 games will definitely bring popularity to the Gay Games to be held in Paris in 2018. After that, we have high hopes that Hong Kong will have the privilege to host the 2022 sporting event, both promoting acceptance and diversity, and boosting the city’s economy by an anticipated half a billion HKD.


Get your paddles ready, because we are delighted to announce that we have formally applied to the Federation of Gay Games to include Dragon Boating at Gay Games Hong Kong 2022! We are also partnering with the experienced Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association! If you love a challenge, teamwork, and water, then dragon boat racing is your sport. It requires the combined effort of all team members to make it more fun, exciting, and interesting. In an authentic 46-feet long Hong Kong-style dragon boat, 22 members sit and paddle strenuously to keep the boat racing. It is the passion and enthusiasm interwoven with the bonds of teamwork that make the paddlers in the middle paddle in a synchronized maneuver. To keep the race more intriguing, the rhythm of the drum keeps everything proceeding forward. Whether you’re on the water or simply watching, everyone enjoys this sport.

Participants compete in a dragon boat race near Hong Kong's Aberdeen island Saturday, June 23, 2012 as part of celebrations marking the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, held throughout Hong Kong. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

Participants compete in a dragon boat race near Hong Kong’s Aberdeen island Saturday, June 23, 2012 as part of celebrations marking the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, held throughout Hong Kong. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

Once you hear about dragon boat racing and become involved in this world of sport, community and fun, there is no turning back from it. It is the adrenaline rush, the passion, the thrill of the moment, the excitement, and everything in relation to the boat and water! Not only does the Gay Games embody the meaningfulness of sports, but it also strengthens human bonds beyond any hurdles. Come, join hands with Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 and help make it happen!

We are still in need of Donations! Please show your support for #GGHK2012, and make your Donation via PayPal at ““. Stay tuned for the next Gay Games fundraising night!


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Cleaning Your Pandora Silver Jewellery

December 21, 2016


Almost every woman loves jewellery. And, what can be better than getting your favourite piece of jewellery right at your doorstep and at an affordable price? All you have to do is visit Le Luxury eBay stores and you’ll find a range of exquisite masterpieces!


Le Luxury a renowned retailer famous for the quality of its products. It offers a wide assortment of stylish jewellery, antiques, signature pens and much more. If you are someone who loves to stay fashionable and updated with the latest trends then Le Luxury is the right place for you. One of their most famous products is delicate Pandora Silver Charms and Jewellery. When you own such a work of art then you are naturally concerned about keeping it nice and shiny. Here are a few tips which may come handy when cleaning your lovable piece of jewellery:

  • First; never, ever ever use chemical liquid silver cleaners to clean your Pandora jewellery. They will ruin your jewellery. Chemical cleaners are too harsh, and will remove all of the oxidisation that enhance the detail on your charms. It’s a no-go.
  • Most Pandora stores have a sonic cleaning machine called the tumbler. Pandora stores as a rule will offer a complimentary cleaning service – just take in your jewellery and ask.


  • If you are looking to clean it within the comforts of your own home then it is best to use warm water and washing liquid. Just soak your jewellery for a few minutes in warm water with a couple of drops of mild washing liquid(dish soap) and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a soft cotton cloth and your jewellery will be as good as new!
  • A polishing cloth is another great method to keep your items looking sparkling. Simply rub the silver parts of your jewellery with the cloth – you should see dark marks on the cloth where the tarnish is rubbing right off the piece.

The exquisite jewellery collections at Le Luxury are not limited to Silver jewellery. They sell a vast variety of different Pandora Charms, along with selected bracelets, necklaces and more in their eBay Shops. If you love jewellery then get your hands on the exclusive collection of Pandora Jewellery right now. Happy shopping!


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Ways to add more Fruits and Veggies to your Day

December 21, 2016



With the increase of over processed foods being cheap and readily available, you might easily forget that your body needs nutrients from fruits and vegetables. A wise option is to plan your meals ahead of time, this way you are able to incorporate the healthy foods your body needs. Also omega-3 fats are an important component, as they improve and promote brain functioning. You can find omega-3 fatty acids in vegetables but another, more meaty way to get in your daily requirement is from Flodins award-winning Omega-3 Pork. It is easy to prepare, delicious and has 4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids compared to conventional pork. Read on for more ways to add fruits and veggies to your day.


Veggies and Fruit for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it powers you up for a great day ahead. It is easy to get healthy vitamins and minerals into your breakfast by making a green smoothie. This is a smoothie made from two parts vegetables, such as kales, spinach or cucumber and any fruit of your choice such as banana, mango, pineapple or even some berries if you like, then blend that with some liquid of your choice and you are good to go! You can also add fruit to cereal or morning oats(ever heard of overnight oats?). Easy and delicious!



Healthy snacking is important since it keeps you from eating huge meals, which could contain empty calories that are bad for your health. A healthy snack can be a mixed salad of any vegetables of your choice or even a fruit salad. These are packed with good vitamins that your body will thank you for. You can also do a single fruit if you do not have time to make or pick up a salad.


Veggies During Lunch

You don’t have to always have a salad for lunch, but if you’re comfortable with it then, by all means, go ahead. Try powering up with healthy protein like Flodins Omega-3 Pork, and serve this with a side salad for a complete and nutritious meal. You can prepare this in the morning if you are leaving for work, and then simply warm the pork up during lunch.

A Delicious Fruity Dessert

Dessert does not always have to be sugary and unhealthy; you can still enjoy a yummy, healthy dessert that adds to your daily vitamin requirement. Try some plain, frozen yoghurt topped with a handful of berries and nuts to make a healthy yet delicious treat. Add a little honey is more sweetness is needed. You also have the option to blend this up into a smoothie.


Eating healthy is not really that difficult as long as you stay committed to it and be creative. Always opt to have fruits and veggies prepared and ready to eat- so you can reach for them first whenever you are feeling hungry.  Or cook up some Omega-3 Pork for a main course, sandwich on the go or whatever you’re in the mood for. The high quality fat in Flodins Omega-3 Pork is distributed throughout the meat, which makes it more tender, tasty and full of the mouth-watering juices that make every meal delicious!


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Think Trail Running is for Casual Runners? Think Again

December 21, 2016


The Gay Games are an international multi-sport and culture festival, run by the LGBT community for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, age and sporting ability. Running every four years since 1982, the next Games are scheduled in Paris in 2018 with over 15,000 people expected to participate in 36 different sporting events. Hong Kong is currently bidding to host this event in 2022. It is expected that hosting the Games will bring at least half a billion HK dollars economic impact to the city. Gay Games Hong Kong 2022(#GGHK2022) are delighted to announce that they have formally applied to the Federation of Gay Games to include Trail Running!


Many runners who’ve spent years running “serious” road and track races tend to look suspiciously on the recent growth and popularity of trail running events. After all, how can you possibly set a new PR on a course that offers hills, uneven footing, narrow trails with little room for passing? The truth is that for both new and experienced runners, trail running offers a number of benefits that can help you enjoy your running more, protect yourself from injuries, and even improve your race times on the roads and on the track. For example trail running surfaces are much softer than the asphalt you’ll find when running around town. Softer surfaces mean fewer injuries, not only due to lower impact forces, but also because you’ll build more strength in the muscles that help stabilize your lower leg. These muscles help absorb impact forces and provide more support—no matter what surface you’re running on—and that can add up to fewer injuries.


There is also the challenge of exploring new wonderful trails full of adventure. Runners have always been left in awe by the beauty of Hong Kong running and hiking paths, but to spice the run a bit more, new running routes have been introduced to keep the zeal and passion for running alive. HKrunning has compiled a comprehensive database of running trails in Hong Kong you should definitely check out. With over 200 routes to explore, your running experience can become exceptional. Be sure to sign up and participate in #GGHK2022 to run fast and furiously on the lovely trails of Hong Kong!

We are still in need of Donations! Please show your support for #GGHK2012, and make your Donation via PayPal at ““. Stay tuned for the next Gay Games fundraising night!


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The Basis of the Modern Symphony Orchestra

December 21, 2016


Passion drives people to achieve the dream of their life. There is no alternative to hard work and dedication. Music is not only a passion; it connects soul to the rhythm, the tones and the sound. Continuous learning and love for the music can explore the talent of any musician in a better way.  The Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has rendered their professional music services for the talented youth in Asia to glisten in the limelight. To find out more about the basic orchestral musical instruments, keep reading!

The great majority of musical instruments fall readily into one of six major categories: strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard, and the guitar family, the first four of which form the basis of the modern symphony orchestra.


Strings:  There are four basic string instruments, which are arranged according to the overall pitch. These are violins, violas, cellos, and the double basses, each having four strings arranged in order of the pitch and played with a bow.


Woodwinds: The woodwind instruments work by means of the silver-plated keys arranged at various lengths.  These keys are depressed and released to allow the air passage and produce notes of different pitch. From highest to the lowest overall pitch; flutes, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon are the basic woodwind musical instruments.


Brass Instruments: Brass instruments are also activated by blowing into them, although instead of using a form of reed over which the mouth is placed, the lips are placed against or inside the cup of a metal mouthpiece, and made to vibrate against its inner rim. In order of descending pitch, these are:  Trumpet, French horn, Trombone, and Tuba.


Percussion Instruments: With a surface that resonates when struck with hand or stick, these are divided into instruments with a definite pitch, known as tuned instruments, and others having an indefinite pitch.(Latter includes a variety of drums (side, tenor, bass, tabor, bongo etc).


All in all, these orchestral instruments form the basis of the modern symphony orchestra. If you are an avid artist, then stay tuned with AYO and remember to try out at the 2017 Auditions. You might be one of the lucky participants to get selected!

For more detail about the AYO 2017 auditions, feel free to visit the website here. Apply NOW to avail this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Musicians, Athletes, Foods for Amazing Skin and More!

December 14, 2016


Waiting for the 2017 Asian Youth Orchestra Auditions? Here it is!

Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has changed the lives of many young musicians and encouraged the finest Asian talent on the worldwide platform with firm dedication and commitment to music teaching. This award-winning orchestra has served as a platform for young talent whose souls yearn to play the melodies of their hearts. Now the 2017 Auditions are finally here, those waiting and practicing hard for this event may lend their ears to this special announcement. Like every year, the Asian Youth Orchestra is proud to present an opportunity to all the young artists around Asia to join them in their global tour in summer. Who would want to miss an opportunity like this!?

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New Sporting Events Proposed for #GGHK2022

A big thanks goes to the Federation of Gay Games, as they have been supporting the LGBTI community since 1982. This has gone a long way toward promoting acceptance and diversity throughout the world. In organizing a multi-sports and cultural festival, the Gay Games introduce a variety of games in which anyone can participate, regardless of age, gender, sexual perception, and race/ethnicity. Within the bid to have the Gay Games held in Hong Kong in 2022, after the 2018 event in Paris, new and exciting games are being proposed. In fact, they have formally applied to the Federation of Gay Games to include Tower Running, Trail Running and Dragon Boating at Gay Games Hong Kong 2022(#GGHK2022) for the first time ever!

Keep reading to discover more about these games!


Foods For Radiant, Glowing Skin

Waking up in the morning with a picture-perfect radiant skin rarely happens in reality. You may not be able to change the tone, complexion, those pesky little pimples, and freckles currently on your skin, but you can turn it all around by using the all-natural, safe and sustainable products  from Gourmet Skin Bar. No matter what your skin is like, Gourmet Skin Bar is going to make you fall in love with your skin and is your ultimate guide to achieving a healthy and radiant glow. Gourmet Skin Bar recommends these amazing foods for your skin: Click here.


5 Ways to Reduce Sugar

In the age we live in, avoiding sugar completely can be an uphill task. This is attributed to the fact that there are convenient stores around every corner, confectionaries are affordable, and well, an extremely large number of foods that we eat contain added sugar. High amounts of sugar can cause serious medical conditions such as Diabetes, and Heart Disease. While it is arguably impossible to totally avoid sugar, reducing sugar levels is, in fact, possible. Flodins, creators of delicious, heart-healthy Omega-3 pork, shares 5 ways you can reduce the amounts of sugar that you consume. Click here to learn more.

The Benefits of Yoga

December 14, 2016


The world has evolved into a global village where individuals have different needs and lifestyles. Exercise is needed to stay healthy and fit. You need to look no further than T8 Fitness when it comes to offering fitness products at an affordable price.


T8F was founded on the basic concept of keeping individuals fit and healthy. It is considered to be a young, creative and motivated company with ambition and passion for fitness. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 2011 with a core mission to provide their clients with ultimate experience and products in order to keep them fit and healthy. The main products which they offer include Yoga and Pilates DVDs, ToeSox(the ultimate grip socks!), exercise equipment and accessories.

While Yoga may sound boring to some, the modern form is definitely a great fun activity since it focuses on the “flow” rather than the poses themselves. Yoga can enhance performance in every phase of your life. If you are a fitness fanatic, you should be aware of the benefits which Yoga provides to the human body. Here are a few of them:

  • Yoga helps in building confidence by helping you love and accept your body.
  • Yoga is that one basic exercise, which can be done anywhere without any special equipment.
  • It enhances both mobility and control and helps you play any sport with more stability and mindfulness.
  • It helps in proper breathing and aids towards knowing about your posture.
  • Yoga also helps in broadening the individual’s perspective about the world.
  • It nullifies the agony of stiff joints and tight muscles.
  • One of the main benefits of Yoga includes that it helps the individual to become leaner and stronger.
  • It also helps in relieving stress. Consequently, it aids in restoring peace of mind, productivity and helps the individual to focus on his work in an efficient way.
many yoga mats on the wood table in the garden

many yoga mats on the wood table in the garden

If you are someone who loves to stay fit and healthy and are looking for motivation to get into shape then T8 Fitness is the right place for you to get started. It not only offers exercise equipment but also deals in a variety of Yoga mats, therapy balls, grip socks and accessories that keep you motivated to work harder.

So, what’s stopping you? Get your yoga mats and accessories on now and enjoy your sessions!

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How To Become a Pilates Instructor

December 14, 2016


Polestar is a globally recognized provider of rehabilitation based Pilates education. It has a team of dedicated teachers and instructors and is known to produce high caliber trainers and Pilates studio models. Their vision revolves around creating an impact on the world through a movement which will foster awareness of self as well as the community. Polestar Pilates Asia was established in 2001. Since then it has arranged several successful courses in different Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

In order to become a Pilates instructor, it not only requires time but also dedication and investment from the individual. One must have a high level of motivation and dedication towards the teaching profession to excel in this field. The following are some steps to consider if you wish to be a Pilates instructor:


  • First step is to enroll in a Pilates class and become familiar with the exercise method. Most courses will also require a basic knowledge of Anatomy, so you should look into some online or contact Anatomy courses.
  • Next, decide the type of qualification you might need from a Mat qualification which will allow you to teach groups and individuals on the Mat all the way through to Comprehensive qualification which will allow you to teach and train clients using the full range of Pilates equipment.  At Polestar, we offer great flexibility with our Gateway Programme, enabling you to ease into professional education.
  • Third step would comprise of selecting the relevant school you want to train with– do your research!  Think of the type of teacher you want to be, and make your choice accordingly.


  • Enroll in your programme of choice. Make sure that you choose a school that will support you from the start right through to examination and beyond. At Polestar we offer an extensive mentorship programme to support our students every step of the way.
  • An additional step will be to register yourself with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). It is a governing body for the Pilates industry based in the US. Polestar Pilates Asia meets and exceeds the requirements for inclusion on the PMA registry of schools.

Becoming a Pilates instructor is a wonderful journey that requires the right dedication, passion, and motivation. Remember, it is an ongoing process – at Polestar we believe in providing education that will last a lifetime. So, if you are looking for the right place to start your career as a Pilates Instructor then Polestar Pilates Asia could be the right place for you. Register today!

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Fun Myth Busting Facts about Pilates!

December 14, 2016


Exercise has become a major necessity for every individual in today’s world. People exercise mostly to stay fit and healthy, as well as relieve stress. Exercise should not be age bound, it is something which individuals from any age group can do as a way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Iso Fit offers flexible exercise sessions that are customized according to the specific needs of their clients. Iso Fit, since its inception in 1998, is known for providing a range of Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions under the supervision of dedicated, experienced professionals. One of the reasons Iso Fit is so popular among clients is the mix of services one receives in any session – a combination of Pilates, Gyrotonic Exercise, as well as other exercises techniques such as Body Kinetics, Feldenkrais, Fit Ball, TRX, and Rommet Technique.

Pilates is known to be one of the most efficient ways to re-educate your body so you can move efficiently, stay pain free, get into shape and stay fit! Although it originated in the 20th century, there are still a lot of myths associated with the method. Let’s have some fun and bust some of these myths!

Here are 7 Myth Busting facts about Pilates:


Myth 1: It was always called Pilates.

The original name of Pilates is Contrology. Joseph Pilates, the inventor, intended it to be about the art of control, an exercise method where you control your body, mind, and muscles. The moves he designed, focus on core muscles in the “powerhouse” (abs, pelvic floor, lower back), proper alignment of the spine, and awareness of breath.

Myth 2: You need special machines to do Pilates.

Mat Moves are vintage Pilates. They have been prevalent since inception of Pilates and have proven to be effective and efficient in many ways. Machines are often used to assist with a movement which may be more difficult on the Mat!

Myth 3: Pilates is a form of Yoga.

Not true. While there are some similarities between the two, Pilates is an Exercise System of its own, developed by the wonderfully talented and visionary Joseph Pilates. These two systems, in their own way, focus strongly on improving all aspects of physical fitness (flexibility, strength, posture, muscle tone) and incorporate a strong body/mind integrative component.

Myth 4: Pilates is only for Women.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Pilates is for Men too! Pilates was invented by a man (a bodybuilder no less!), and many male athletes swear by it, including Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, members of the All Blacks Rugby Team, Andy Murray….Pilates is great for sportsmen and athletes! Converted yet?


Myth 5: Pilates is a fad.

It is true that many celebrities enjoy Pilates, for example, Lucy Liu swears by a combo of Pilates and running to give her a physical and mental boost. However Pilates has stood the test of time, and is only gaining in popularity, recognition and reputation both within the general and the medical community.

Myth 6: Pilates is only about the Core.

While it is true there is a strong focus on the core, Pilates is a whole body workout which dramatically and rapidly improves strength, flexibility, posture and overall alignment of the musculature and skeleton.

Myth 7: Pilates has too much Flexion

Pilates has a variety of functional movement patterns for the spine. Carla Mullins from Body Organics in Australia says “To fully appreciate Pilates we need to ensure that the movement patterns are representative of all the movements of the spine.   A balance movement class would have incorporated the flexion abdominal series but also a lot of other work from sides, four point kneeling to extension.” Well said!

Pilates is an excellent way to improve posture and flexibility, tone your muscles, and feel young again! If you are ready to get started, schedule your assessment session or book a group class with Iso Fit today!

Visit:  802-805, 8/F Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

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