New Sporting Events Proposed for #GGHK2022


A big thanks goes to the Federation of Gay Games, as they have been supporting the LGBTI community since 1982. This has gone a long way toward promoting acceptance and diversity throughout the world. In organizing a multi-sports and cultural festival, the Gay Games introduce a variety of games in which anyone can participate, regardless of age, gender, sexual perception, and race/ethnicity. Within the bid to have the Gay Games held in Hong Kong in 2022, after the 2018 event in Paris, new and exciting games are being proposed. In fact, they have formally applied to the Federation of Gay Games to include Tower Running, Trail Running and Dragon Boating at Gay Games Hong Kong 2022(#GGHK2022) for the first time ever!

Keep reading to discover more about these games:


  • Trail Running: Hong Kong has some amazing places to explore; including some breath-taking running and hiking trails. One of our partners; HKrunning has compiled a comprehensive database of running trails in Hong Kong you should definitely check out.


  • Tower Running: You need to have nerves and muscles of steel for this challenging sport, because it is a race against gravity up to the sky! If you dare to take this challenge, count on pouring sweat and heavy hardcore training, but reaching the heights will surely make you feel that it is worth it!


  • Dragon Boat Racing: This one-of-a-kind sport demands extreme human bonding in the form of teamwork with a sense of passion and enthusiasm. Once you hear about dragon boat racing and become involved in this world of sport, community and fun, there is no turning back from it.

Not only these, but many other popular sports are being included in the bid, to keep participants interested and involved. We hope you sign up to participate and experience the thrill and excitement that Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 will have to offer!

We are still in need of Donations! Please show your support for #GGHK2012, and make your Donation via PayPal at ““. Stay tuned for the next Gay Games fundraising night!

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