Musicians, Athletes, Foods for Amazing Skin and More!


Waiting for the 2017 Asian Youth Orchestra Auditions? Here it is!

Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has changed the lives of many young musicians and encouraged the finest Asian talent on the worldwide platform with firm dedication and commitment to music teaching. This award-winning orchestra has served as a platform for young talent whose souls yearn to play the melodies of their hearts. Now the 2017 Auditions are finally here, those waiting and practicing hard for this event may lend their ears to this special announcement. Like every year, the Asian Youth Orchestra is proud to present an opportunity to all the young artists around Asia to join them in their global tour in summer. Who would want to miss an opportunity like this!?

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New Sporting Events Proposed for #GGHK2022

A big thanks goes to the Federation of Gay Games, as they have been supporting the LGBTI community since 1982. This has gone a long way toward promoting acceptance and diversity throughout the world. In organizing a multi-sports and cultural festival, the Gay Games introduce a variety of games in which anyone can participate, regardless of age, gender, sexual perception, and race/ethnicity. Within the bid to have the Gay Games held in Hong Kong in 2022, after the 2018 event in Paris, new and exciting games are being proposed. In fact, they have formally applied to the Federation of Gay Games to include Tower Running, Trail Running and Dragon Boating at Gay Games Hong Kong 2022(#GGHK2022) for the first time ever!

Keep reading to discover more about these games!


Foods For Radiant, Glowing Skin

Waking up in the morning with a picture-perfect radiant skin rarely happens in reality. You may not be able to change the tone, complexion, those pesky little pimples, and freckles currently on your skin, but you can turn it all around by using the all-natural, safe and sustainable products  from Gourmet Skin Bar. No matter what your skin is like, Gourmet Skin Bar is going to make you fall in love with your skin and is your ultimate guide to achieving a healthy and radiant glow. Gourmet Skin Bar recommends these amazing foods for your skin: Click here.


5 Ways to Reduce Sugar

In the age we live in, avoiding sugar completely can be an uphill task. This is attributed to the fact that there are convenient stores around every corner, confectionaries are affordable, and well, an extremely large number of foods that we eat contain added sugar. High amounts of sugar can cause serious medical conditions such as Diabetes, and Heart Disease. While it is arguably impossible to totally avoid sugar, reducing sugar levels is, in fact, possible. Flodins, creators of delicious, heart-healthy Omega-3 pork, shares 5 ways you can reduce the amounts of sugar that you consume. Click here to learn more.


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